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Monday, November 15, 2010

More on Renewal Gown

Okay so here are some friends and people around the web who also have lovely examples of Elizabethan Gorgeousness.

Wedding Gown Inspiration Continued


So these are some of my inspirations from as well as written information I have gleaned from the New Year's Gifts given to Queen Elizabeth I. I know I want to have a gray gown and I think it will have white forepart or kirtle it depends.

Wedding Gown Inspiration

Is this best portrait, I wish it was in color, of a lovely young lady and both her back and front of her gown!!!

CoCo Inspiration Continues!

I love this painting. In fact my best friend and I will be attending Costume College, in which I just got my recipet for my admittance and I have my hotel so we are good to go!!!

2011 as I mentioned before will be Gothic Gowns or gowns from Pre-Raphealites from the 19th Century. My BFF wants a Gothic Fitted Gown. She wants a gold under dress with a burgundy over, I think I can make 9 12-inch circular emblems with a flying dragons on it.

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