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Monday, November 25, 2013

Fettburg Yule Gown~ A La Cranach!!

Green Cranach Gow
ns, I have found in period, but I have orange and green so I have found some online
from Lands 

These are the fabrics I have found in my Stash, so I am not putting out any money for this outfit, it is all from my Stash!  So excited about this, I also have pearls and a ton of jewel type things so perhaps we can make I have 2 weeks I would like to make a 'gollar' as well.

The Breakdown



Fiddly Bits with this gown, so I want to play with these first, to make sure I have enough trim and pearls and the like.  The base is white linen, medium weight, drafted sleeve from a couple of years ago.


I will need to create a bodice base from one of my basic bodices.  and then adjust to fit me.

Breast Piece~

Using part of the Silk Taffeta to pearl the Fleur de Lys

Will get photos as soon as I can!

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