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Friday, January 27, 2012

January Time to Re-Group!


During the holidays, my craft/crap room becomes even more well crappy.  Every time someone thinks something is mine and it has encroached into the house (which is often I admit) it is thrown into the small garage which I am supposed to house my Fabric and SCA of course it is now filled with Christmas, my shoes, my clothing and the table cloth reserved for Yule? Plus? everything is now up to the ceiling in front of the doors.  So I am going to take the time to get this organized. So I can get to the stuff I need too and I can feel like I have accomplished something!!!

I shall have pics of the finished garage hopefully by Sunday, I am getting rid of things we have had in this garage for 4 years now and have not used them so it must mean it is not useable by me or the family...or it means we lost the dratted things and we stopped looking and replaced it, still a go go situation.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Privy Run Ropa

 I love this ropa, I have for a very long time 
however, I never took the time to do this ropa.  I have the fabric, I think I have the trim, I think I might need to get some flannel, I know I have the buttons for the sleeves.  The fabric is blue and white, so I think it should be lined in either blue or white, I am thinking blue might be the better and longer wearing choice.  Joann's has it on sale for 50% off or I have a coupon so either way.... Hmmm, I need this to happen..I just have find all of the fabrics, which are currently in the Crap Room of life. 

Hmmmm But first? 
I need a fabulous Gown for Cynaguan Investiture, the new Prince is a Dear Friend who 
has had some interesting adventures these few years, and has not only survived but thrived. So I want to go and rejoice in a friend's survival, triumphant walk back to life 
and the world.  Not to mention the SCA, Bravo Richard, Bravo!

OMG Laptop Adventure

Don't know how I did it but I broke the LCD? LED? The glass of my lovely purple laptop and 
of course? I was out of warranty by a couple of months, and it would have cost us
$300.00 to renew for 1 year....arrrgh

So Hubby remembered there was a place in the next town that fixed computers, one call to them 
and a very fast drive and my baby was in the shop, waiting for the correct glass to be
sent to them.   I picked her up tonight and I am happy to say she is looking good! 

Ahhh, I know I have the Ipad but it was not the same I can promise you!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

West Kingdom 12th Night

Circle of Lovelies! It is 9:30am Saturday, we are waiting for Sara's call to escort her into Court so that she can step up to be a Laurel in the SCA!

 Can you see the gorgeous gowns? 
 Sara's Florentine!
 Another Elizabethan wonder!
 Elena looking splendid!  Do you see Sara's Sleeves and backing.
 Joan Silverthorpe, in her italian! and the lovely gift she made for Sara's Day!
 Our Pelican to be! in a Pisa redo!

 My Son and Maddie!!!!

 Three Lovely Ladies in the early am!

Here is Sara gaining her blessing from the King and Queen of the West....and their hearld in Elizabethan Splendor~
More time spent with lovelies!

Here is what the cape for Laurel