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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Privy Run Ropa

 I love this ropa, I have for a very long time 
however, I never took the time to do this ropa.  I have the fabric, I think I have the trim, I think I might need to get some flannel, I know I have the buttons for the sleeves.  The fabric is blue and white, so I think it should be lined in either blue or white, I am thinking blue might be the better and longer wearing choice.  Joann's has it on sale for 50% off or I have a coupon so either way.... Hmmm, I need this to happen..I just have find all of the fabrics, which are currently in the Crap Room of life. 

Hmmmm But first? 
I need a fabulous Gown for Cynaguan Investiture, the new Prince is a Dear Friend who 
has had some interesting adventures these few years, and has not only survived but thrived. So I want to go and rejoice in a friend's survival, triumphant walk back to life 
and the world.  Not to mention the SCA, Bravo Richard, Bravo!

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