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Friday, January 27, 2012

January Time to Re-Group!


During the holidays, my craft/crap room becomes even more well crappy.  Every time someone thinks something is mine and it has encroached into the house (which is often I admit) it is thrown into the small garage which I am supposed to house my Fabric and SCA of course it is now filled with Christmas, my shoes, my clothing and the table cloth reserved for Yule? Plus? everything is now up to the ceiling in front of the doors.  So I am going to take the time to get this organized. So I can get to the stuff I need too and I can feel like I have accomplished something!!!

I shall have pics of the finished garage hopefully by Sunday, I am getting rid of things we have had in this garage for 4 years now and have not used them so it must mean it is not useable by me or the family...or it means we lost the dratted things and we stopped looking and replaced it, still a go go situation.

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