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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tourney Gear for the Men in My Life

February!!! I can't believe January is gone! November 2011 the youngest son was 5' 5" and now? He is 5'8"!! I am going to make some Tourney Garb for him, some new pants again as well as a couple Tunics, yes I do make basic garb, especially when he is changing so rapidly.  I am also making him a Non-waled Red corduroy Elizabethan, so that when we get out to Faire, or there is a special day at SCA, he will have something awesome to wear.

Also, my Adorable Husband, he makes my heart beat, so he needs some new things and I have been working on several things for the past year, but I never out them together, talk about UFO's (Unfinished Objects) so for the next Month? It is not about MOI- I know right? 

I am going to spend and expend time and energy to make my boys look fabulous.  Oh? And I found my perfect Motto for this year!!  Buy Purses- You never have to worry about looking too fat! LOL

So onto my Doublet/Jerkin Inspiration:

Here is an Extant Piece C. 1600's     This is German Wams  So sexy Arming Doublet.
Strapwork                 I am really into the extra trim and extra stuff

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