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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rocking Germans

So I am German heck? I am most of the world, but I am part German. But, truly I have never really thought about making Germans.  A year ago we had a lovely lady come out and tape up people for German bodices, and I did it, just was not really that interested, then our Barony went for our Yule to have Germans, and well why not? I have an abundance of fabrics, so why not knock one out so that I can say I made them? Plus? I could use them at 12th Night as well.  I have a Venetian, and an Elizabethan so why not add a German to the whole?

So I am beginning with the Men! Awesome no? Hubby and I picked up some German shoes back in the day so that is not something I need to worry about.  I just need to play with what I have  so here are some sexy Germans from Ring-A-Ding from Deviant Art, I think Hubs will look smashing in this!

I know I am obsessed with Purple, but look at this Czech Site!

I love her sleeves, & the simple gown, that pops, I do have 8 or so yards of mulberry silk velvet, and 5 yards of silver gray, I have another of a plum, so I could really knock this out of the park.

Here is a someone's Photo, whom I met in the SCA and I hope to see him again, his photos are wondrous! From my home shire of Lyondemere.

Another Czech Costumer doing German I think she rocks this! 
The Hat Neck piece it is really a lovely thing!

This lady is from Dark Horse from Deviant Art,    She used Reconstructing History's Pattern for the Cranach and this is a version of the portrait known as the Magdalena.  I love the bold colors

I can not attribute this as I could not gain access to the actual version, this was taken I am sorry from Pinterest.  Giving a good showing of many many Cranach styled gowns!

So now to go through my fabrics, I think I might end up with my Shot Silk in Pink/Grey and Grey silk velvet, or the plum or I could go with some Silk I have in plum as well. I don't have any blue silks right now, and I want to use the stuff I have on hand to lower my STASH. 

So here is my next obsession and I will tell you all how it comes together!