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Monday, January 31, 2011

Spanish Purple Wool Gown ~ Things are Moving!


Okay so I have made the sleeves!
This is there I was figuring out how to lay the silver trim on the wool.
You can see the one on the left is just penciled in, and the right it has been sewn down.

This is how I what I think is called Bag Lining" Lay the pieces with good sides in, then sew all around (Leaving space to turn out later). When you are done sewing, turn right sides out and press, this will make all of the raw edges disappear inside the garment.
Nifty eh?

So this is what they look like I need to hand sew ( I know I said I never do that but sometimes? One must! I still like to sew what people see, so perhaps I should say I only do about 10% hand sewn)

Estrella Doublet Gown

So I have cut out the lining, I have lost my raspberry linen! I had it I washed it and ironed it and then? Poof! It has moved somewhere! Which totally sucks because I need it to sew to the blue lining.

I went to Greater Bay Area Costumer's Guild, and put in $40.00 for the raffle, I won a total of 6 times but gave my 'win' to someone else after I had picked up

#1. Red Henin- This is for my BFF for Costume College.
#2. Busk for my Pair of Bodies, it is the perfect length.
#3. A new book for me called "Dressing the Elite".

My friends say I am lucky but really I bought 46 tickets so really? I had a pretty good chance to win something!! And there was a lot this year on the tables. People really put forth a lot of largesse.
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Renewal Garb

So I am pretty sure I want to work on a doublet like this, however I think I might want to do this for 12th Night, I don't know!

I am thinking to do a French Style and I was also thinking to do a Medici Ruff I have this Fleur De Lys Trim that I could put on Silk Organza, I would use my grey velvet or perhaps find some deep grey velvet and add my lavender and silver trim. I would love to do a kirtle or forepart in lavender silver with tons of embroidery all over it, so I am hoping. I have an embroidery machine and I have some wonderful designs so I can really make this POP, plus I can work on designing more.

For the Hubby? What if I get some Silk Ribbon to create doublet and pants? I think he will look smashing in anything but still!

More later.....


Estrella~ Gown Stuff

OKay so this is what I am going to recreate for a Tourney Gown, for colder weather. What I have in my stash is:

6 yards of deep purple wool
4 yards raspberry linen to line doublet and Sleeves
25 yards of silver trim
4.5 yards of green linen to line skirt
2.5 yards of silver dupioni for inner sleeves
2.5 yards white linen for inner sleeve lining
10 yards of deep purple grosgrain ribbon for trim on inner sleeves.
2 yards of linen for ruffs.

Jewelry, I have a girdle in purple/silver and pearls, Necklace and earrings. I am also going to work on fixing these as they fell apart!

Hat? I have a tall black one, I can add bling on it or I can do a carcenet with some pieces I have already...

I have made 4 yards for the edging on the tops of the sleeves, it has 2 rows of the silver trim

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ick Sick...bleh

So I am sitting here waiting for my hot water and all I want to do is die, or sleep both things seem far off from me. I seem to be having some issues with insomnia something I have had for most of my life. But I have been up for 2 weeks now, not straight I sleep perhaps 4 hours a day, however, I need more and it will not come. I am afraid to take more sleeping medication because, I take so much now it reminds me of overdose dancing.

Anyway, a cold has kicked my tail today so I am home but no work being done just wallowing in the sick.

Cilean *Sniff*

Monday, January 24, 2011

Doublet Begins

Hey All so I have added the silver trim on a band of the wool. Next is remaking my Spanish sleeves, I had made a design but it put the opening in the top but I need to create it so that the opening is on the side. But as I am working Thursday,Wednesday and Thursday, so I can't do a thing until Friday, which sucks mightily. I can then sew on the silver trim and take so pictures to show you all what I am doing. I think I will be able to get the doublet cut out and trim set up so I can bring them to work and do it on my break.

So here is the breakdown on the Spanish Gown:

6 yards of purple wool $0.00 Gift for babysitting
4 Yards of raspberry linen $2.00 per yard $8.00
20 Yards of silver trim $0.37 per yard $7.40 eBay purchase
4 Yards Green Linen $2.00 per Yard $8.00
Blue Lining for Doublet $1.50 per yard $4.50
Hooks and Eyes $3.00 $3.00 already bought

Total= $11.90

So $11.90 is my whole out put on this gown! Awesome eh?


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Estrella Me Stuff ~ Changes

Okay so I made a change I want to do a Spanish Style gown.

Here is the Purple it is a lot darker than this I would all it Aubergine, because well I think that lovely color is yummy. I have 10 yards but I am going to attempt to get it all done with the Spanish sleeves in 4 to 5 yards. I have like 60 yards of silver trim, it might be more than that I don't remember, I bought it from eBay years ago for $25.00 for 75 yards.

So I am going to use Silver Dupioni for the inner-sleeves, with black grosgrain pattern. I have this sick green linen that I would never wear bad choice in a sale I promise you.

I am heading to get some help from some friends Monday at night, because I have issues in front closing doublets.

More Later.....


The gown? will be done in purple wool. I have this all in my stash! I was gifted the wool for babysitting.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Estrella Boys Stuff

My Boys need new stuff as well.

The Culotte Bearnaise introduced by Henry IV to the slashed Spanish Knee-breeches. I like this style of pants because it gives more space for the guys to look splendid in.

I have linen in black, corduroy also in black as well as grey and blue these are for the hubby. Red linen and Cord for my youngest son and blue and black for the eldest. I have trim and ribbons for ties and they all have lovely hats and shirts already made, but I might need to make yet another for the youngest as he has gained 4 inches in the past year. Sigh


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Estrella Stuff

Estrella is almost here and I have nothing to wear! Okay if you know me you know I have tons to wear but nothing new! I found out that was having a sale, so I ordered 6 yards each of 5.3 ounce Wild Cherry and Ultramarine Blue. It should be here by next week and that means that my sewing room needs to be set up and organized by then. I have black linen and some black bias tape for trim I think I will play with and see how it looks on these pieces.

Here are the colors!

I have in stash some Black Wool and so I want to do a Jacket to cover the Kirtles. omething resembling the pictures I am showing here. So some inspiration from online sources:

I also have some luscious Shot Blue/Purple and Green/Purple Dupioni to make a grand skirt with, it is pretty simple to create and I need a new corded petticoat, it is 80% done already I just have to find it and add the stiffening to it.

I wish I could find some grey wool, I currently have some linen so perhaps I will make that and the Ultramarine Blue, who knows?


Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year~ New Project~ English Fitted Gown

Fabric Stash

Something I need to begin using instead of just stashing the lovelies away. Or that is what my Hubby says! I do have 20 bins and 20 rolls of fabric at this time. Since we redid the Living and Dining/Sewing room floors in hard wood, it took 7 days for me to get my sewing room out of the room. This means I really need to consolidate, and organize my space, and for me it must be pretty, I am such a girlie-girl at heart. I have been combing other people's spaces trying to gain a clue as to what I want.

While trying to get a clue, as to what I want to do, I found some wool I had gotten it must be 8 years ago from and last summer I stumbled across 6 yards of grey linen. So when these fabrics fell into my lap (as I was folding them and putting them into bins #16 and #5 respectively) I began to fixate on the English Fitted Gown. If I darkened the purple wool it would be awesome against the grey linen.

What is a English Fitted Gown?? Well come with me! I received the Tudor Tailor pre-order for Yule in 2006 and was one of the first 100 to own it. If you have not bought this book? Click the link and get it is one of the best things evah! I was also able to chat and go to an all day class/ tea with the ladies of Tudor Tailor in 2007, which really helped me in my skills!
This is what I want to have for Estrella, we are probably only going for 2 days, and I really want to have 3 gowns ready, plus some outfits for the boys. I have ordered deep purple dye from Dharma Trading Company, with some black dye I have on hand, and will attempt to make the purple a little deeper and richer. Now I need to think about what kind of trim.