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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Estrella Stuff

Estrella is almost here and I have nothing to wear! Okay if you know me you know I have tons to wear but nothing new! I found out that was having a sale, so I ordered 6 yards each of 5.3 ounce Wild Cherry and Ultramarine Blue. It should be here by next week and that means that my sewing room needs to be set up and organized by then. I have black linen and some black bias tape for trim I think I will play with and see how it looks on these pieces.

Here are the colors!

I have in stash some Black Wool and so I want to do a Jacket to cover the Kirtles. omething resembling the pictures I am showing here. So some inspiration from online sources:

I also have some luscious Shot Blue/Purple and Green/Purple Dupioni to make a grand skirt with, it is pretty simple to create and I need a new corded petticoat, it is 80% done already I just have to find it and add the stiffening to it.

I wish I could find some grey wool, I currently have some linen so perhaps I will make that and the Ultramarine Blue, who knows?


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