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Monday, January 31, 2011

Spanish Purple Wool Gown ~ Things are Moving!


Okay so I have made the sleeves!
This is there I was figuring out how to lay the silver trim on the wool.
You can see the one on the left is just penciled in, and the right it has been sewn down.

This is how I what I think is called Bag Lining" Lay the pieces with good sides in, then sew all around (Leaving space to turn out later). When you are done sewing, turn right sides out and press, this will make all of the raw edges disappear inside the garment.
Nifty eh?

So this is what they look like I need to hand sew ( I know I said I never do that but sometimes? One must! I still like to sew what people see, so perhaps I should say I only do about 10% hand sewn)

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