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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Estrella Me Stuff ~ Changes

Okay so I made a change I want to do a Spanish Style gown.

Here is the Purple it is a lot darker than this I would all it Aubergine, because well I think that lovely color is yummy. I have 10 yards but I am going to attempt to get it all done with the Spanish sleeves in 4 to 5 yards. I have like 60 yards of silver trim, it might be more than that I don't remember, I bought it from eBay years ago for $25.00 for 75 yards.

So I am going to use Silver Dupioni for the inner-sleeves, with black grosgrain pattern. I have this sick green linen that I would never wear bad choice in a sale I promise you.

I am heading to get some help from some friends Monday at night, because I have issues in front closing doublets.

More Later.....


The gown? will be done in purple wool. I have this all in my stash! I was gifted the wool for babysitting.

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