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Monday, November 25, 2013

Fettburg Yule Gown~ A La Cranach!!

Green Cranach Gow
ns, I have found in period, but I have orange and green so I have found some online
from Lands 

These are the fabrics I have found in my Stash, so I am not putting out any money for this outfit, it is all from my Stash!  So excited about this, I also have pearls and a ton of jewel type things so perhaps we can make I have 2 weeks I would like to make a 'gollar' as well.

The Breakdown



Fiddly Bits with this gown, so I want to play with these first, to make sure I have enough trim and pearls and the like.  The base is white linen, medium weight, drafted sleeve from a couple of years ago.


I will need to create a bodice base from one of my basic bodices.  and then adjust to fit me.

Breast Piece~

Using part of the Silk Taffeta to pearl the Fleur de Lys

Will get photos as soon as I can!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

1570's English Gown Journey~

Hello All

I have not died, but life just takes me all sorts of places! Right now I am creating an 11th Century Cote so I can be with some friends who are stepping up to the Prince and Princess of the Mists.   I don't do this time era, so I needed to create something fitting.

But before I show you that...I want you all to see what I am doing for the 1570's Elizabethan, which should premier at 12th Night.

Okay background, I don't typically take 1 single portrait and make an outfit, I like to 'Frankenstein' something so that it is truly my own.

This is a French Lady, circa 1570's Louise de Lorraine-Vaudemont, by Francois Clouet of France, and is in the Museum of Fine Art, Houston, Texas. I loved the jewels along the bodice.

A Drawing of Queen Elizabeth, with the jeweled bodice, I love the headpiece in this as well.

I love this style of gown but not french curved I like the more square necked bodice version, so I combined them.
Yep I am trying my hand at making images to fit my brain's need to see it in detail! So this is what I think the gown will look like.

It will have;
Weaved Sleeves with embroidery
Forepart of silk taffeta that is shot gold and blue, embroidered, which a bottom guard of weaved and embellished with embroidered Fluer de Lys and pearls and anything else I have on hand!
Italian Hat with a coif made from the same silk as the forepart
Fashion fabric is a basic arabesque design, used in the Victorian times and taken from the Renaissance. it is Blue and Gold.

Okay so here are some of the fabrics

And here I am beginning to weave the dratted sleeves:
All done for the sleeves  & Close up of the weaving, this is grosgrain ribbon about 40 yards of it, well with the bottom of the forepart too.  It did not take a long time about 2 nights effort, then I had a pet mishap and had to redo the whole thing, cats.....  So once this was done, I ironed it onto pellon, so I could cut it and move it around.  I cut out my sleeves and then did the embroidery onto them.

  I always tell people I start with my sleeves, because often I will run of time and energy trying to get the whole thing done, and you end up sleeveless, this is not something I wish to do with this project as I might just make 2 different types of sleeves.

Sleeves check! Now onto the bodice!

Ouche Making!!! So I have tons of these small and large, they were on Cheaptrims like 6 years ago they are not there now, sorry, and so I have these and I can make them any color I want, with some paint and some crystals.  They go from Victorian to a little Elizabethan in a couple of steps!

So now you see the some of the pieces, I choose not to use the small fleur de lys in this gown.  and you can see the fashion fabric along with the deep dark blue velvet I only found 2 yards of this on a run to the LA Fabric District.

Now to the Forepart!!

This is the luscious silk taffeta I have in Blue/Gold. I am going to embroider (Machine) the crap out of this!

 First design going on!

In process I think that is number 8 being put on by my lovely Myst!

You can see our puppy Sabine checking out what I am doing, this is not sewn together as yet and I love the giant fleur but thought it too much for the whole piece, I wish I had done it all over, perhaps on another forepart!  Next step is to put a backing on this of canvas, and then attach it the rest of the forepart, I could have just pinned it to a petticoat but I like them to be ready for me to go, so I will be doing that soon.

Next? Bodice, Over skirt, Silk Petticoat and Farthingale!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Small Rant on Nationality in the Renaissance!!!

Okay ladies and gents,

I have found and dusted off my soap box,  just because something was worn in the 16th Century? Does not make it "Elizabethan"!!

Heck? Not even "English" GASP!! I know what can I be thinking?

I have just sat through looking at some lovely gowns, only to have them ruined by the dim comment of "Elizabethan" whether a Portrait, or a modern created gown. that is Clearly not English!  France had a Renaissance as well! So did Poland, and well many other places, just as I giggle when I see someone call a Loose Gown a 'Spanish Ropa'  when Ropa means gown.  

When is a 'Chemise' not a Chemise?

When it is German it is a Hemd

When it is English it is a Shift

When it is Spanish Camisa

When it is in the Italian City States, there are a lot from Camisa, to Camcia '


Well it was from the Spanish Verdugado, that then became Verdingal, Verdugal, and Fardingal,  Probably due to the literate coming up with their own versions of the terms they heard. no dictionary meant people did spell from ear.

Renaissnce Faire Gown~ More Done

Okay so I only have Sunday to complete most of this gown that has been sitting in my house for more than a Year, UFOs suck, I loose a piece and it is shelved for months.

So I wanted to show you all the Italian Bonnet and coif I am going to make this this Gown.


As usual I don't make a single portrait, I pick several inspirational portraits from the same region and within 4 years of time and then I sketch out what I want the gown to be.  So here are  a couple of Valois ladies I am taking their hats from.  This one is in Blue and Golds.
hopefully I can get photos of this gown soon to show you all how it is coming along!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rocking Germans

So I am German heck? I am most of the world, but I am part German. But, truly I have never really thought about making Germans.  A year ago we had a lovely lady come out and tape up people for German bodices, and I did it, just was not really that interested, then our Barony went for our Yule to have Germans, and well why not? I have an abundance of fabrics, so why not knock one out so that I can say I made them? Plus? I could use them at 12th Night as well.  I have a Venetian, and an Elizabethan so why not add a German to the whole?

So I am beginning with the Men! Awesome no? Hubby and I picked up some German shoes back in the day so that is not something I need to worry about.  I just need to play with what I have  so here are some sexy Germans from Ring-A-Ding from Deviant Art, I think Hubs will look smashing in this!

I know I am obsessed with Purple, but look at this Czech Site!

I love her sleeves, & the simple gown, that pops, I do have 8 or so yards of mulberry silk velvet, and 5 yards of silver gray, I have another of a plum, so I could really knock this out of the park.

Here is a someone's Photo, whom I met in the SCA and I hope to see him again, his photos are wondrous! From my home shire of Lyondemere.

Another Czech Costumer doing German I think she rocks this! 
The Hat Neck piece it is really a lovely thing!

This lady is from Dark Horse from Deviant Art,    She used Reconstructing History's Pattern for the Cranach and this is a version of the portrait known as the Magdalena.  I love the bold colors

I can not attribute this as I could not gain access to the actual version, this was taken I am sorry from Pinterest.  Giving a good showing of many many Cranach styled gowns!

So now to go through my fabrics, I think I might end up with my Shot Silk in Pink/Grey and Grey silk velvet, or the plum or I could go with some Silk I have in plum as well. I don't have any blue silks right now, and I want to use the stuff I have on hand to lower my STASH. 

So here is my next obsession and I will tell you all how it comes together!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Northern California Renaissance Faire

So we went on Sunday to the Faire, I think next year I will end up at Much Ado about Sepastapol instead, heat wise it will be a better place to be, and I have people I know there as well.  Here I am in my new French Hood I made myself! So excited when a plan comes together it has moved a bet during my sojourn about the shire, but it is lovely!  I have to get pictures of the hubby as well!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

12th Night Thoughts

As the season changes and it finally gets cooler here in Northern California, my thoughts run to 12th Night.  For those who are not part of the SCA, this is a Coronation to strut and shout.  Since we are in doors, it means we can wear the more costly fabrics, you satins and velvets of silk and wool.  With all of the Vigil Ceremonies going it is nice to look good so this is 1 set of Garb, during the day on Saturday I will typially wear a set and then at night a different set of clothing.  Sunday is optional since most people are just leaving.
 This is a huge thing, I plan at least 2 weeks prior to have everything done and ironed and put into packing.  

 This year we have a Rowenta Professional Steamer, so I can make sure all of our garb is wrinkle free. So for my Garb, Let me break it down:

Friday Evening Garb- Purple/Silver/Gold Venetian, I don't know if I will get the standing ruff done but if not that is okay I have girdle and fan and hat to complete.

Saturday Day  Garb- Elizabethan Fitted Gown- Black Damask in Fleur de Lys gown and Lilac Damask Kirtle.  Ruffs and French Hood to complete the whole look.

Saturday Evening Garb- Blue/Gold French Round Gown, with escoffion and Italian hat. Ruffs to complete the ensemble.

Sunday Morning Garb- Loose gown with coif.

However my things are mostly done, I have been working on them for the past months.

Friday Night Garb- Florentine 1545, Eleanor of Toledo, a Lady of taste and fashion!

Design on this Gown:


Linen for the body of Camisa         Stash
Lace for insertion                             Stash
1/2 Pearls                                          Purchase

Linen                                                   Stash
Trim in White                                   Stash

Polished Cotton                                Stash   
Couched Silver rope                        Stash

Saturday Day Garb-  Venetian in Aubergine, Gold and Silver with Murrey Sleeves.


Saturday Night Garb-

I have been working on several outfits for the Hubs so he can look spiffy as well, but I have one that I hope is over the top!


Husband's Garb

He has nothing, because he keeps losing weight (Creep, I know right?)

In Progress

Grey Velvet with embroidery

Black Linen with Green Jacquard
Black Velvet with welts with silver couched.

More Design and Study Needed for these.
Blue Linen with embroidery and pink'd sleeves
Grey Wool with Black Velvet Gards, welts and Laid on Lace.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

16th Century Hats and Costume College

You Know what? French Hoods have been about for a long time, I have been attempting the Hood thing, but have been failing as I did not know how to attach and how to place.  I go to an intensive convention created by and run by people just like us or at least me!  People who love costuming, or creating clothing from different periods of time and space.  We call this lovely place Costume College  every year we gather on the first weekend in August, in Southern California, to learn, teach, get inspired and party and have fun.

This year I was happy to get into 2 closed classes on Hats of the 16th Century,
"The Unshakable 16th Century Hat" and "French Hood".  This year I also made a pact that I would finish every class project and increase my hat collection of course, I truly believe that if you don't do the knowledge by putting it into practice you will then move it into wisdom.  

The Bongrace Workshop ~ Hand sewing! I have issues and I wish I had brought more of my 'helpers' like the locking scissors that will hold a needle going through 2 layer buckram.   I am going to try this with plastic canvas which will be easier to get the wire on at least for me!

The French Hood Workshop~ I think it should have been 4 hours, mostly because the first part is hand sewing and I am horrid at it, and since I had done a lot of hand sewing Saturday for the Bongrace Workshop.  As soon as I got home it was back to work and then setting up for my youngest Son's back to school and birthday ( he is 15 now!! Yikes)

                               Here I am with my BFF, in our Gala Garb at Costume College!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

June Crown A.S. 48~ Time for the Stirlings to SHINE!!!

So I said I was going to work on my Husband's Garb, because he needed it so badly, here is the progress I have made on this front!!!!!

)O( Elizabethans )O(

Tourney Garb
Set 1
Non Waled Corduroy in Grey
Doublet ~Done!

Pannions ~Done!

Set 2
 Linen Black with Green/yellow/black Damask
Doublet ~ Cut out and attaching trim
Pannions ~Done!

Set 3
Linen Blueberry with trim in Silver and black
Doublet ~ Cut out Attaching Trim
Pannions ~Cut out 

Set 4
Cotton Velveteen Black
Doublet~ Cut Out
Pannions~ Done!

Feast Garb

Silk Taffeta Strap work
Doublet~ Cut Out
Pannions ~ not done

Silk Dupioni with Blue Silk to show through pinks
Not begun ;0(

 For June Crown:

We are planning on using our new Pavilion from Panther!! It is a Regent, because I needed something I could feasibly put up on  my own, and with the BCC, we did not need the space of our older pavilion. So for Crown I want to have done for the camping space:

A4 Chair Covers ~ Purple with Fleur de Lis stamped all over to cover our mundane new chairs that are too large for my other covers.                                                                               

B)  Dutch Oven table~ I will show you all what I mean when we get it and then take photos, it is tall, and allows me to use the dutch oven without bending too far down all the time.                                                                                                         C)  2 Boxes~ We need a box now to carry Hubby's Garb, and 
another to hold various washing things.  If we are really good? Perhaps we can knock out 4 but I am not holding my breath!!

Banners, water carrier, and those types of things will be next on my list.  Once we save up some from this purchase, I want to pick up 2 benches that seat 2, and I will make pillows for them so that people can come and sit in the BCC and hang out.  Still looking for a really awesome brazier, I think I will have to check out An Tir, I will ask my friends up there about that.

That is all for now!  I will keep you all posted on the Hubby Garb Journey!! LOL