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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 6, 2010~ Research

I am doing some research, so I love this gown! I went to Fabric Store and they have a lovely green and orange in linen.

Now here? I could use some fabric I already own to make this gown. I love how it looks it reminds me of the Pisa Gown.

So this could be a portrait of what we think is the Pisa Gown! I have Eleanor's Burial Gown on this as well and below is the actual gown from Pisa.

So this is the Pisa Gown I am very into this because I want to use this from my stash of which I have quite a bit, I don't think I could sew all of what I have currently have 8 yards of purple taffeta, and I have 10 yards of white damask so I could dye it to do anything with it and I have trim, so I am really leaning towards the Pisa Gown.


Gianetta's Laurel Journey 2010


My friend Gianetta, has been asked to join the illustrious group in the SCA, known and acknowledged for doing great skill, for her it is her cooking and sewing and autocratting skills which she is so deserving!!

Since I want to be at her Laurelling, which is supposed to be during A&S this year it is in June. I want to honor her by having new Garb.