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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fabric Regret Do As I Say, Not As I Do!

Several years ago I found a great sale on some biege fabric, it had a 15th-16th Century motif, and I got 4 yards by 55" for $5.00 per yard. So I decided to create an Elizabethan (of course!) Kirtle from this and cut out the sleeves and bodice to do the embroidery.  A year later, after we moved and I found this project again...I then noticed I did not have enough fabric to do the back of this kirtle, I had only 1 panel of 52" by 55", I am tall so I need  48" long and need at least an extra 1 1/2 yards to look full.  So go back to the fabric store, they don't know what I am speaking about....  So I finished the pearling and embroidery on the bodice and the sleeves....I thought about using the. Put Kirtle in the closet in pieces and curse the day I ever thought I could do this... Enter eBay, and someone had 38" by 55" and I purchased it for $12.00 plus shipping! I can add the needed 10" to the top of the piece coming in so that is will be 48" by 55" so I can have 110" to gather into the bodice and create a lovely Kirtle.  I am so excited!! Perhaps I can get it done for January's Investiture!  So excited!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Getting Things Done~

In Need of Completion For 12th Night Before I can even get to the Gown!!!
Payre of Bodyes in Violet Linen
I will be working on this piece. I hope to get it done enough to make the lacing holes.
I will take pictures of this soon!
Farthingale in Violet Linen
Farthingale Channels sewn in
Attaching to the Payre of Bodyes
Pictures to Come
Petticoat in Silke
I have one cut out, I just need to take the time to sew the darn thing together.
Kyrtle in White Damask
I have the fabric 8 yards and the trim.
Gown in Black Damask
I have the fabric but I have not yet begun Sigh

Sunday, November 6, 2011

12th Night Inspiration~

I think I have found my gown, and my hubby's as well!
Since I have known Sarah from Mode Historique for a some years now, first as a Costuming Maven at GBACG, then at Costume College and later in the SCA. So I was happy to hear she was getting honored to become our newest Laurel in the West Kingdom, stepping up at 12th Night. While at our Arts & Sciences Collegium, I found out about the colors she is going to use, which is Black and White.
So there are tons of black and white ensambles....except when you want to find it!!!
What do you think? I know the gown is pearled, so I have 7 yards of pearled already dupioni silk. (Praise the Stash!)
And I am not the red girl so I was going to do the bits in silver/gold and purple.
For my Husband:
I love the cap and I like his jerkin.
I really think this guy is dead sexy right? I mean he has it all!
So I might want to make this in Black and Silver . This man is so sexy with his lovely doublet.

A&S Challenge~ Wednesday Project

We just had a marvelous time at A&S, I saw some people I had not in some time, met the Lord and Lady of the Mists (they seem fun!) and well just a blast, we ended with a musicale just like they did in the past and the venue, while mazelike? Was lovely and historical and the only thing I had issue with is the size of the rooms, but really? how can I even kevtech because it was just wonderful.
There was a lovely Venetian/Florentine Gown in purple silk and it was lovely and I complimented her on such a lovely piece, she gushed and said it is an easy pattern and that she did it in a day. Well she said it was easy for her with her 'skills'....? Okay...
This is the kind of gown it was:
Without the trim and belt and slashed sleeves. So if you can think of a basic gown with a different sleeves from the forearm.
So this got me thinking, I bet I can make this gown in 4 hours, because I do have some skills myself. I am looking at making gowns in linen, to wear to Pennsic, and in the West Kingdom.
So why not? I just picked up some shot pink and blue fabric, and I have some heavy linen to back the bodice, I do have some other linen to do the forearm, I am thinking of doing it in either
gray with Fleur de Lys embroidered or blue again with Fleurs Embroidered. I have come grosgrain, and I can do some 'pinking' by making long button holes and then cutting them open to reveal perhaps some orange linen for the underpiece. In any case? It should be fun to play with.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Orange Kirtle

More on the Kirtle ...Well I thas been some time, I got very far about 80% done and then life kicked me with a nasty cold and then something in my foot went wonky it is known as plantar fasciitis, I think I have a mild case but it really makes it difficult to walk around and camp and well sit without shoes on!
So I could not find the purl thread to cover my lacing holes so I am going to use embroidery floss, because I found the color in that. Once those are done I can add the skirt to the bodice and then I am going to wear this for October's Coronet for Cynagua.
I am also making a new Smock with nifty Fleur de Lys embroidery on the cuffs and collar. I will have a picture for this soon.
More later!

Monday, October 3, 2011

New Inspiration

I don 't know what happened to this lady, or perhaps she should have fired her portrait painter, or perhaps she really did look this way? I love her necklace it is very plain compared to her Smock or Partlet that shows so lovely. I really like her sleeves as well.

The lady on the Right? Love her white lovely! What is on the edging her Smock ruff?
Is that pulled lace on the interior of her Doublet neckline? The sleeve silver is also something yummy for me.

Wow! I love the trim placement on this gown, I don't like the neckline. I can't wear this color at all, but I could do this in blue or green, or perhaps yes you guessed it purple. I have some deep purple Cotton Sateen that would be smashing as this.

Sleeve work is pinked and I could get a mountain of cord in silver to do this well. I like the fact? It already has sliver on the trim of this, and I think I can find trim today that is similar, I need to create my own buttons but I have taken a couple of classes so I think I could cover this!

What is attached to her head gear?
Garlic? Was she expecting a Vampire attack?

I really love this whole thing (Sans the Garlic string) again? That yellow is not in my future, however her fitted gown? What we used to call a 'Ropa' is pretty nice, it looks like she has the 1/3 sleeve that attached to the Gown and then it might be a different sleeve going onto the cuff. I really think the damask is spiffy too.

French Gown, I like the curved bodice, and it does look good in linen.

Ahh Love the flat cap with the escoffion, I think this reminds me of Ren Faire, which is not a bad thing, I am planning on making several escoffions in the future as they are pretty awesome.

I love this Smock/Partlet! I even love the gown top, I wonder if more would have been added or if the fabric was plain to showcase the wonderful patterns already showing? Does not seem to be the 16th Century thing but who knows?

12th Night? Hmmmmm

Beatrice d'Este Gown from her tomb....
I am going to cheat! LOL I found some fabric at Joann's ( I know right?) it looks like it has cording all over it so I would just need to add the silver tassles which are not too difficult to create, it is black and gold, so I think I can find some nice black satin de burgess look alike to put the gown together. It is upholstery weight and I would wait till he 50% off deal is on, and then pick up 5 to 10 yards because I could make matching attire for the Hubby as well. Or I know at Fabrics R Us they have cording and I could work on this project for next 2013s 12th Night, as I would not get it done in the restricted period I have to create currently.
I have a 12th Night project done for this year and I am working on getting the Hubby four fancy outfits, and four camping outfits done. ... but these are ongoing!
Sigh, plus the youngest? Grew again he is now 5' 5" ish and shows no signs of stopping, I must make him a complete kit for 12th Night or he will have nothing to wear...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October Crown~ EFG~Gabardine Inspiration

Day tripped to October Crown for the West Kingdom, and Duke Uther won, he looked very good too, we almost had Duke Conor, it was a tie breaking fight!  So it is now October, we have had some very hot weather for September but it was awesomely fabulous!  We said hello to our new Baron/ess, and we bid adieux to our older ones, and witnessed them becoming Baorn/ess in thier own rights!  They desearve it they are very nice people.

This has lead me to **again** think on Gabardines, the lady in the front of the procession here has one a warm coat, I think this is called a Gabardine, and covers her gown.  You will also notice the gown does not fall to the floor but sweeps just at her shoe level.  The other lady's gown does not sweep the floor either.  Robin Netherton, feels that the sensibility of our gowns going to the floor always might be an extraplation from the Victorian Historians.

 But these gowns are English Fitted Gowns right?  I hope so, but the first lady and this one in the middle my comments, I can see the fur on the interior of the cover coat and it does not seem as form fitting as EDGs I see.  Look at the gentelwoman servant on the right bottom.  Her gown is form fitting.  So too are the ones in the middle drawing and the lady to the right gown in the first drawing.

So am I correct? I have no idea! But I am going to work on a Gabardine, currently I have 7 yards of a darker black/green wool. I could line that in fleece or a medium linen, because of my over-heating issues I do not wish to attempt a fur lining.

Progress Hath Been Made!
I have done 85% of the mock-up EFG-Orange Kirtle, It has cost me all of $25.00! It came together pretty quickly. 

Still To Do:
Wednesday I need to work on finishing that piece so I can work on making a Toile for the gown. I need to pick up some more muslin....sigh.    Friday will see me  beginning to work on the  Toile for the Gown, Since I am using the Tudor Tailor Pattern and this will be my first I am going to take my time and play with it. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Renewal Gown~ Still Working It Out

With less than a month away from this event? I am still working the gown in my brainpan.

The Daughter of French Henri
I love this gown, this is a sketch (obviously) but we see this also in Isabel of Valois

Gods, I hope they clean up this portrait one day and show it!

Here is another gown of this fabulous lady, I love this showing the head piece and the cool neckline, and the separate picadils.  I have the pearls and I need the necklace below I think I can make that or purchase it.

Do you see the embroidery? Okay so this one I think is smaller pearls I am using embroidery to make this pop and with the pearls in the larger piece, I will need to work with finding the perfect girdle as well.
Currently I have Silk Taffeta in White, for the lining, in Lavender for the Kirtle and in Silver for the Gown.  

Do you see the pattern on the gown? I think my Husqvarna Diamond has something similar, I need to do some test pieces, I will be using silver thread to get the most impact on this kirtle.  You can also see the

I need to sketch this out which is my next phase for me and then I am going to figure out the design for the kirtle which again is lavender silk taffeta.  You can also see that this has been slashed to be very small holes.  I don't know if I want to do that but I might stamp if I can find the perfect Leather piece so that it will make a great effect.

Also? You can see the kind of Fleur de Lys near her hand that was my inspiration. If I can find the leather piece that looks like a Tudor Rose? This will be my perfect effect since the Gown will have my Fleurs the Kirtle will have the Roses!!

Okay more later!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Obsession with Gown

                                                                                                                                                                                    Here is another version of the Gown  I love the pearls on this lady and the hat veil?

What do you think of this one?
I love the buttons it is plain but also sexy in it's choice of Black and Salmon

I am so in lust with the background fabric of this portrait! Again a lovely slashed doublet and it seems to have a better necklace as well.

Do you think she just really loved this gown? Or She had her people paint her in several shades?????  One has to wonder!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Renewal! Is Coming SOON!

I will begin adding Fleur de Lys to my fabric this week, I planning on something in the vision of Elizabeth of Valois.

 I love this gown but not red, I have been thinking over and over about this and I found Lavender Taffeta for the Kirtle, and I am using Silver Taffeta for the gown.

I am going to embroider Fleur de Lys, in silver thread. I kind of like how this drawing is simpler, her necklace looks like it will choke her! I like the head piece here as well.

Do you see all of the embellishments with the slashing on the doublet of the Gown? I will be focusing on adding 4 inch Fleurs all over the fabric in silver threads and then adding some pearling much like these, I am searching for a lovely large jeweled cross, how I wish I 
had picked up some during Madonna's reign! LOL

Here is another close up of the front of this gown with the large Spanish Sleeve and slashing of the doublet to show the kirtle inside.  I am searching to make a lovely girdle for this gown.

Smock easy Necklace just like the Girdle, however the head piece is interesting!

Here is another Portrait of Another lady I like her necklace so I am going to replicate this one! I like almost everything about this gown, with the exception of her choice of colors! Her head gear is really neat as well!

So I am on my way, next? Embroidery, then I can think about cutting!

New Things in My Life

Well now that I can publish again I can show some of the great things and strange things that have been happening to our family!

First of all we purchased a brand new home about 4 years ago, we did not get the refrigeration I wanted...just wayyy too much money when we were doing so much at the same time.  We went from a 900 square foot home to a 3,000 one, and we had to furnish.

So kind of pissed that the fridge? Died on us after only 4 years!  Talk about the failing manufacturing issues, I mean really? My Mom and Dad still have the fridge they bought when they first got married! Okay so it is gold Harvest Gold but really? Still works.

Should I get all pissy though? Because it was not really the Fridge we wanted or truly needed with teens in the house.  It was wayyyyyyyy too small, back in May just before Memorial Day, I went shopping, the fridge was holding up on the cooling part but we did not have a freezer, however we do own a deep freezer so we had some time.

I saw the LG 28 cu foot and thought I heard the Angels singing, plenty of space and a great price!  Then my Mother became ill and we had to check her into the hospital and well? More important things to worry about.  We went back later that same week and I was told it was still on sale, I took some pictures on my iPhone of the sale price and the size of the machine, just to make sure we could in fact fit it into the house.

Hubby and myself went back the next day to finalize the purchase and was told that the price was not valid, and they had 'never' had that particular machine at such a low price.  I showed them the pictures I still had on my iPhone...  Then we set up a deal, we gave them our cell numbers and home number, they were going to call us when they found out a good sale...

Segue to just before Labor Day~ I realized no one had ever called us, so I dropped into 'Big Warehouse Chain' and lo and behold? The 28 LG was no where to be found, they had stopped selling it!!!   So I spoke with the new Manager of the section (no one of course had EVER heard of us, or our information).  We got the new LG 31 cu for the price back in May.
It was delivered that next Saturday, and it is awesome, and !!!!!  The electronic read out is purple!
More of a lavender on a silver background, the Fridge has more lights than GOD! I love it truly!


Now I shall have to clean & organize the silly fridge!


Issues With Posting....

I promise I have been blogging away, like a good little girl er tall and shapely girl!
However Blogger would not publish a thing!

So it looks like now? 3 months of posts have gone in today and I hope to fix the dates soon!

Yeah for me getting the dratted thing to post!

Tub Fail...

So you all saw how nice the dye came out, however I still think I will from now on use the commerical dyes from Dharma Trading Company, but now that I know there are dyes that will work on poly, I will be mixing the dyes from now on.
However? I am so stupid, is it because I am mostly grey now (thank GODS for hair dyes, better living through science!), I am having blonde Senior Moments. We have a new home, only 4 years old, and I have a plastic bath tub, and I turned it deep purple with the dye, my hubby was this is plastic...not the enamel tub from our old home. D'oh! So with bleach and borax in hand? I scrubbed like I was Cinderella, and I can now say it is still there...but now a light lavender and just in a couple of places not the entire tub. I think one more session of tub scrubing will get it white.
I have learned and I will be purchasing bins to dye in from now one. Even if they are $15.00 for the large size? So much better than wanting to clean my Sewing room and spending the entire day scrubbing the crap out of my tub.
But the fabric is awesome and I am happy!

Costume College Recap~

Costume College has come and gone for the year! It was July 28 to August 1, 2011, at the Marriott in Woodland Hills, CA. That is Southern California for those who have never been and I suggest you save up, because once you come to CoCo? It changes your mind space!
There is a theme for each year and we have a tract of classes that are specific to that Theme. 2011, it was 14th Century or if you have a Fantasy Piece to the Esthetics/Pre-Reaphealite Movement in the 19th Century.
I made a Cotehardie, I can't call them GFD's they are not fitted. While I can do someone else's GFD's, trying to toile myself just does not work, plus my Mom (who lives with us) just can't figure out what I mean but tight/fitted/boobs not falling to my waist. Sigh, I am now in search of someone I can get to who can help me achieve this awesomeness.
Classes I took:
Crispinette on the Cheap:
Loved this class it was easy and I did hand work.....yes don't fall over, I did hand work. If I did not have to leave class because of my food issues (Love being Diabetic) I wold have had it almost done. I need to email and ask some questions to finish this but I really think they are cute. This year ( as I say every year) I want to get my projects done, so I will be working on this piece until I can wear it!

Partlet and Gollar Class:
I know the teacher of this class so I knew it would be a great class. In the morning and in the evenings even wearing Elizabethans you can get cold on the top! I wanted something I could wear to the Store as well...I no longer do the "Elizabethan Manuver" however, men still can't get over the rack..... tragic for them. So I was excited to do this outer partlet. I even had the chance to work with purple but I made a choice to work with deep blue. It is going pretty easily together and I hope I should be able to show pictures of a completed piece by tomorrow!
Victorian Thought in Medival Research with Robin Netherton:
Again the nasty food eating thing happened so I had to run out of the class and throw food down my gullet but then? I went back in and absorbed the last hour in stunned silence. I had no idea how prevalent the Victorian thought and theory has taken over our research all the up to and including the Renaissance and Elizabethan fashions. So my eyes are a lot more open and I want to study this and perhaps (with her permission) I could do a class on what the eye has been told is historical, is not and perhaps I can find examples she did not use, so that I am not infringing with her research.
Gothic Sleeve:
This will be put into use this Sunday (After seeing Aliens Vs Cowboys) I will be making some sleeves for a lady who needs Garb.
I taught a class my Renaissance Fabrics went over well but I think I need to add the fabrics I found while in England this past March....I also want to get my dolly back so I can bring more fabrics with me, and I really need to focus more on the fabrics we had now, not just hitting the research key too many times! LOL

English Fitted Gown~ French Hood Please!

Well kind of quick and semi-dirty! I am working on the French Hood first....because it always happens that I complete the outfit.....and then loose energy to complete the hat or sleeves or what have you!
So I am using Sarah Woodville's the best thing about this is that I can in fact ask questions and get answers quickly. I have several patterns but Sarah's seems the most like what they had done in the past. It just feels right? You know?
Coif~ I am wiring my coif, not that Sarah has asked that but I wanted at least one that was wired, I own a Husqvarna and I have a cording foot so it is not too tough...I only broke one needle!
Now many people have mentioned that the color for the French Hood base or 'Paste' is red, I am so not the red gurl....I never wear red it is just a thing with me, my kirtle is orange linen, and my gown is a Aubergine or deep purple (go figure!) I have not figured out my sleeves, I have some lovely shot silks, and the one I want to use is orange and purple but I don't know if I have enough fabric to make sleeves with......
I should have the coif done today, I do not have the pleated fabric in my stash, so for this coif I will not have it, I will do more I hope that will in fact have some lovely silk that I will press into folds.
Paste~ I want to make from the same shot silk I spoke of before for the sleeves the orange and purple shot silk. I do have enough for that, at least.
Veil~ I have some black velveteen that I am going to use for this and I am lining it in cream or white silk, whichever I find first!
Billaments~ I have plenty in my stash, I just need 4th of July as my day off to sew the pieces onto the whole, also? I will be painting my silver and purple bits gold so that they fit the overall feel of the gown.
Okay so next time you hear from me? I will show you all of the pieces and the end result!
Awesome! Also? My Kirtle will need to be cut out and the bodice put together so I can make eyelet lacing holes also on the 4th!

French Hood~ Done!!

July 9~ I needed the French Hood done and it is done and I wore it do you think I got a picture of me wearing it? NO!

We went to Manteca to the Investiture in Fettburg! The Feast was fantastic! I mean wonderful!
Not only was the food ready on time!

It was seperated in other words when we had applesauce, pork and mushroom sauce? Each part was in it's own and so it was easy for me not to have the sauce and still eat the food!! KUDOS to the Chefs!
So I will have a point by point of this method which I really enjoy as it is not as heavy so it did not slouch off of my head I have baby fine hair (yeah I know, I am mixed, who knew?) so even with my fake hair attached, I had trouble keeping the Hood from falling back.
Now I did have to adjust the hood a couple of times? But it was way better than the thousands of times with my other ones.

Shoe Love!!!

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Hoping for More Italian Patterns~

I am super excited, with the success of "The Borgias", people are again checking the Italian
City States during the Renaissance, so I have to say I for one, am glad because several of the Historical Pattern Makers out there are creating new patterns that will be better than the ones we got when "Everafter" came out!
Margo Anderson is I think currently working on a set, but I am wondering which city states and what time period! I am holding on with baited breath.
Reconstructing History~ Has some really nifty things out:
I like her Pisa Gown, and of course I will be toiling that soon and taking pictures.
She also has some for the 1400's as well which encompasses the time of the Borgias.
Now I have to say? I like the Sari's being made into Lucrezia's gowns, Like this one here as an example:
Also I ador the color tones the costumer is using like this lovely orange & purple of Ceasare's love.

Costume College~ Recap

Okay so it must be Mercury Retrograde as Blogger has lost 8 posts and is now holding them hostage!
I just got back from Costume College. I had a slight snafu, I was sent to training on the Thursday before, so I had to drive up to Sacramento, and then back in rush hour traffic, and then load up my junk and child and hubby and then drive down to Woodland Hills, CA. I live in Northern California this was a 4.5 hour drive, with my youngest son and my Hubby which is always fun, even after 20 years together we still laugh, and sing, and our kids think we are tragic!

Here is my 14th Century Silk Kirtle in Orange/Violet Shot Silk & over gown in Violet Silk Velvet!  Awesome, not so awesome this photo as my friend is shorter and she did not get the lovely of my necklace! Or earrings!

I did learn so much this year!  I made a Partlet out of blue wool and black linen, I have in fact cut out another version in purple non waled corduroy and I am hoping to get that finished soon.

Spent time in a discussion with Robin Netherton who as usual blows my mind.  This time it was the influence of what we consider factual points of reference that are actually Victorian constructs!
She showed us how something began as a 14th Century drawing and then was filtered through the lenses of Victorian Artists.  They were not really trying to defraud people, but just them adding a fichu to Grandma's 1700 outfit, they filtered the past through their own versions.  Some of these filters have been ascribed to being 'period' correct or authentic.  It was an eye opener for myself and others who had the chance to learn.

Also I had a great class for Coif making and how to make a good sleeve!

So I think it was a grand CoCo, but what was funnier? Was speaking to those we knew from CoCo, like that bird from Foster's House!

Besty and I were hanging out at Ren Faire in So California, and when we met someone whom we knew from Costume College we would squawk "Co Co!" We do Co Co! And laugh, the other costumer would get it and laugh and squawk back "Co Co!"  Hilarity ensued!


Ducal Kirtle & Hubby Outfit

Ducal is this weekend and the Hubby wants to go! I am so surprised but only for a Daytrip, this means I need to make him some pannions so that he can feel good! Not an issue I have the pattern already I need to wash some linen up and he has tons Jerkins and shirts.
I am making a Kirtle in Orange Linen to go with my English Fitted Gown, I have not started the Gown because I have not figured out which fabric to use yet!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Day Off, I get to Organize and Clean and Dye

I am so exicted! It is my day off, and while I have a Doctor's appointment, I have been dreaming of cleaning up and organizing my sewing room so I can knock out my Clothing for CoCo!!
Costume College for those who have not yet been and I can assure you if you can save up to get to it next year you will love me for giving you a new addiction!!! What an enabler I am! LOL Plus? You are less than a 40 minute drive to the LA Garment District!!!

I am spending the day getting my sewing room in order. Since getting a full time job, I have not had a serious moment to put back the fabric into the stash that I am no longer have the time to use at the moment. Family just piled it on top of my cutting table and it is bending under the weight.

I am also going to try to vat dye some damask I have had for a bit in order to fashion my English Fitted Gown out of. I have 6 yards, and if I am carefull it should work (famous last words) if not? I have deep purple Linen that I can use. I am going to make some brocade, did you hear me correctly? Yes you did! Actual brocade is made when you stitch silver or gold onto already made fabric, I have some silks in various colors, I am going to make sleeves with Gold and Silver Fleur de Lys all over them.

English Fitted Gown~
Did I mention I am dyeing the Damask? I have never used this a new (to me I guess) iDye, they have one for Poly as well as natural fibers. Since I have no clue as to what the content of this damask is? I have a huge metal pot, which was in fact? Not big enough so I thought I could use my bath tub. ? Huge mistake, I have a new home so the tub is plastic not enamel which my old bathtub was (house from 1920's). Thank Gods there is bleach. My tub is a very pretty purple....

. They only had 3 packs of the poly and I have 3 packs of normal, I will be adding all of these to the vat. Heating it up and then cooking my fabric over night. I am hoping for a deep purple but I will be happy with whatever happens to it. If it is icky? I will go with the Linen so it is a win/win situation. Anyway, it has caused me fits today but it is all my fault for being me?
Here is a photo of the before and the after I think it came out really neat! However? Not with the Orange Linen I want to use for the Kirtle

It came out a violet and silver!!! I will use the fabric for a gown but not this gown!!!

I purchased the two patterns currently on the market from Reconstructing History and Tudor Tailor, and I like the TT pattern better since I am in fact guiding myself from the book as well. I am only using them as a basic guide as I am using my good ole Margo bodice! I will be self lining the Kirtle. I have some really aweful green linen I can use to line the actual gown with. I do not htink I will be lining the skirts of the Kirtle. It gets really hot in my neck of the woods and really? I do not deal well with heat issues.


Help!! Which Trim?

The ladies of Tudor Tailor, said that polished cotton mimics some of the material in period. So I have 10 yards of this deep purple, and I have 6 yards of lining in this gross (to me) green.

And for the Roman which I remembered is not needed until after Costume College~ When I was going through my Stash of Dyes, I found a Rose Red so I used the huge pot I could not use for dyeing the Damask due to not paying attention and instead of dyeing the 6 yards I cut from the whole? I dyed the rest of the fabric...Oy and Vey! LOL My research into the Roman era has shown that the Female Tunica? Was colored and not just plain white like the male version. So I will be using this as my under gown.

More later...... Oh I did get about a 1/3 of my crap off of the cut progress was made!
I hope no one sends me to Hoarders! LOL


Thursday, June 23, 2011

English Fitted Gown and Kirtle and GFG

I have loads of fitted this time around!

I am still working on my Summer Liz, stay tuned as soon as work slows down I will get in garb and take pictures of what I have done.

My Stash I have found 6 yards of this gold damask with browny-purple french fleur de lis. I have this fugly damask that is cotton and it is red so I will be going to work and checking out what dyes there are since I have $20.00 free from Joann's. I am going to get the Dylon blues, and perhaps 1 purple. It is a lovely 100 degrees at my home, so I am going to put some water in my very large vat outside the house, and well leave the dye and my fabric inside of it for well...? A couple of days, to see how much it will change the color of this fabric. I also have some woad someone sent me so perhaps I will add a touch of that as well?

Can't hurt right? Famous last words!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Roman Garb for a 16th Century Lady

Well, my Barony is going to have a wonderful summer event and it has been chosen to have "Midsummer's Night" theme in Roman fashion. So I need to make a Chiton and Stola and a Palla so that I can be part of the joy.

This means I get to create a wealthy married lady of Rome. I really do not do early period, but hey? When the fashion strikes? I can make this for Pennsic and also for the extreme heat of Northern California.

So I will begin with a mamillāre or subligāculum, which seems to be the ancient Roman equivalent of the bra and underwear. They used leather as a binding, since I can't take the smell of most leathers, I am going to bind using a strip of linen. I am going to twist the fabric and then cross it over the Boobage and use hook and eyes to hold it up.

Once this is on, I shall be moving to the underdress or the "Tunica", mine will have sleeves which button along the top of the sleeve. I have some awesome buttons I plan on using and for those of you who know me, they are not silver at all but gold in tone so there! LOL This is from my stash. I plan on doing rolled hems to finish the linen on all and then finish the seams so that they will not unravel or become icky as linen likes to get!

Once this is on, since I am a married lady, I shall have a blue "Stola" I am making mine of a blue linen, I think, it depends on what I find! The rest of this is from my Fabric Stash but the only linen I have in stash is not getting me so I am going to check about and see what I can see. I have some earrings I will be making into Fibulas to hold the Stola on my body, and just to make this mention, normally the Stola would be made from wool. At least that is what evidence we have at this time.

I plan on using 'extra' hair because my hair is short and I will have a couple of braids wrapped about my head and pinned in.

I hope to collect some jewelery that will be Romanesque, since it is supposed Roman ladies enjoyed wearing lots of it.

I have sandals from a long time ago. We have some that can fit into the period as well.

For the rest of the family?

Subligaculum or loin cloth - I am going to make linen drawers for him and the boys.

Tunic- I am making this to go down past just past the calf, and then it can be belted higher.

Toga -Did you think that the toga was the Tunic? Me too, I guess that is what I get from paying any attention to Hollywood! What ever linen blue I attain for myself I will also get for Hubby so that we match, I know icky huh?

Sandals- will have to check on these for the guys.

Boys~ They don't seem to wear the toga as much

Eldest Girlfriend~ She gets a Tunic and a Stola.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Saccoccia of the 16th Century Friends!

Hi All

Still working on the Lavender Blue gown should be done in a week, but I hate what I did to the skirt, so I am trying to figure out how to take the trim off and try again, I thought adding a pretty motif while I sewed it down would be was not and it is not pretty so I am holding off.

I need to make a couple gifts so why not do it now?

Saccoccias are pockets for ladies to carry their stuff in either close to the body or out in public. About 3 years ago I won some really love pieces of silk damask, for like $10.00 plus shipping via eBay and I have made a few things from this. So from the stash again inspiration comes.

Kat's Purple files on Florence is a really great site to find many things and ogle and drool over She is wondrous in the extreme! She had me thinking about making some of these pockets for some Italian persona friends.

So this is what I did;
I took some regular paper and a plate and then I measured how big my wallet is and that gave me the dimensions of 15" X 13".

First I did some embroidery work in a black Fleur de Lys because my Bestie likes them just as much as I do, this silk damask is in a lovely yellowy gold, so she would have liked this to have been in gold for the Fleur de Lys but I thought that was a little too much.

Once Myst finished the embroidery, I ironed it and cut the lining which will be linen. I marked a like of 7 1/2" or just 1/2" from the top of the Fleur so that it would not be damaged with the opening and closing of the Saccoccia.

I sewed 1/4" around the line, which will be my slit, shown here and then I pressed and folded the fabric back and pressed again. Thank the Gods for a good iron!

The decorated side, will have more fabric in the front, this is to make sure you have some give in holding things so the front will have 4" extra. Shown here:

The back is what I want the finished piece to be plus seam allowance, so first I sew around the whole thing and then trim and pink the edges so it will turn out nicely, and then once again? Iron...then I fold the top pieces in and then iron this and sew it across, you could also add additional embroidery.

So this next step is to work with the front, you will need to iron the lining and fashion fabric to match the back which I use 1/4" then sew it all together. and again turn the top fabrics inward and iron and sew.

1" from the top of your Saccoccia sew a very small seam you can also zig zag for extra support around the entire bag. Turn out to the right side and iron.

Now match the ends of the Saccoccia, and pin then knife pleat the extra and then sew down. 1" down from the top you have just closed, sew another straight line.

Thread ribbon or rope or cording or whatever you have through the Saccoccia's top, this should be your waist plus 20" to tie.

Okay so there you have it! It is done and it looks wondrous! This is my Hubby showing off the pocket, he was trying to be a women with large breasts, he is so funny!!!

I will be making more of these? For 12th Gifts for some friends, I have bits and bobs of different damasks all over the place and some serious silks, who knows, if i know your device I might be able to