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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hoping for More Italian Patterns~

I am super excited, with the success of "The Borgias", people are again checking the Italian
City States during the Renaissance, so I have to say I for one, am glad because several of the Historical Pattern Makers out there are creating new patterns that will be better than the ones we got when "Everafter" came out!
Margo Anderson is I think currently working on a set, but I am wondering which city states and what time period! I am holding on with baited breath.
Reconstructing History~ Has some really nifty things out:
I like her Pisa Gown, and of course I will be toiling that soon and taking pictures.
She also has some for the 1400's as well which encompasses the time of the Borgias.
Now I have to say? I like the Sari's being made into Lucrezia's gowns, Like this one here as an example:
Also I ador the color tones the costumer is using like this lovely orange & purple of Ceasare's love.

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