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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Costume College Recap~

Costume College has come and gone for the year! It was July 28 to August 1, 2011, at the Marriott in Woodland Hills, CA. That is Southern California for those who have never been and I suggest you save up, because once you come to CoCo? It changes your mind space!
There is a theme for each year and we have a tract of classes that are specific to that Theme. 2011, it was 14th Century or if you have a Fantasy Piece to the Esthetics/Pre-Reaphealite Movement in the 19th Century.
I made a Cotehardie, I can't call them GFD's they are not fitted. While I can do someone else's GFD's, trying to toile myself just does not work, plus my Mom (who lives with us) just can't figure out what I mean but tight/fitted/boobs not falling to my waist. Sigh, I am now in search of someone I can get to who can help me achieve this awesomeness.
Classes I took:
Crispinette on the Cheap:
Loved this class it was easy and I did hand work.....yes don't fall over, I did hand work. If I did not have to leave class because of my food issues (Love being Diabetic) I wold have had it almost done. I need to email and ask some questions to finish this but I really think they are cute. This year ( as I say every year) I want to get my projects done, so I will be working on this piece until I can wear it!

Partlet and Gollar Class:
I know the teacher of this class so I knew it would be a great class. In the morning and in the evenings even wearing Elizabethans you can get cold on the top! I wanted something I could wear to the Store as well...I no longer do the "Elizabethan Manuver" however, men still can't get over the rack..... tragic for them. So I was excited to do this outer partlet. I even had the chance to work with purple but I made a choice to work with deep blue. It is going pretty easily together and I hope I should be able to show pictures of a completed piece by tomorrow!
Victorian Thought in Medival Research with Robin Netherton:
Again the nasty food eating thing happened so I had to run out of the class and throw food down my gullet but then? I went back in and absorbed the last hour in stunned silence. I had no idea how prevalent the Victorian thought and theory has taken over our research all the up to and including the Renaissance and Elizabethan fashions. So my eyes are a lot more open and I want to study this and perhaps (with her permission) I could do a class on what the eye has been told is historical, is not and perhaps I can find examples she did not use, so that I am not infringing with her research.
Gothic Sleeve:
This will be put into use this Sunday (After seeing Aliens Vs Cowboys) I will be making some sleeves for a lady who needs Garb.
I taught a class my Renaissance Fabrics went over well but I think I need to add the fabrics I found while in England this past March....I also want to get my dolly back so I can bring more fabrics with me, and I really need to focus more on the fabrics we had now, not just hitting the research key too many times! LOL

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