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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Renewal! Is Coming SOON!

I will begin adding Fleur de Lys to my fabric this week, I planning on something in the vision of Elizabeth of Valois.

 I love this gown but not red, I have been thinking over and over about this and I found Lavender Taffeta for the Kirtle, and I am using Silver Taffeta for the gown.

I am going to embroider Fleur de Lys, in silver thread. I kind of like how this drawing is simpler, her necklace looks like it will choke her! I like the head piece here as well.

Do you see all of the embellishments with the slashing on the doublet of the Gown? I will be focusing on adding 4 inch Fleurs all over the fabric in silver threads and then adding some pearling much like these, I am searching for a lovely large jeweled cross, how I wish I 
had picked up some during Madonna's reign! LOL

Here is another close up of the front of this gown with the large Spanish Sleeve and slashing of the doublet to show the kirtle inside.  I am searching to make a lovely girdle for this gown.

Smock easy Necklace just like the Girdle, however the head piece is interesting!

Here is another Portrait of Another lady I like her necklace so I am going to replicate this one! I like almost everything about this gown, with the exception of her choice of colors! Her head gear is really neat as well!

So I am on my way, next? Embroidery, then I can think about cutting!

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