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Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Day Off, I get to Organize and Clean and Dye

I am so exicted! It is my day off, and while I have a Doctor's appointment, I have been dreaming of cleaning up and organizing my sewing room so I can knock out my Clothing for CoCo!!
Costume College for those who have not yet been and I can assure you if you can save up to get to it next year you will love me for giving you a new addiction!!! What an enabler I am! LOL Plus? You are less than a 40 minute drive to the LA Garment District!!!

I am spending the day getting my sewing room in order. Since getting a full time job, I have not had a serious moment to put back the fabric into the stash that I am no longer have the time to use at the moment. Family just piled it on top of my cutting table and it is bending under the weight.

I am also going to try to vat dye some damask I have had for a bit in order to fashion my English Fitted Gown out of. I have 6 yards, and if I am carefull it should work (famous last words) if not? I have deep purple Linen that I can use. I am going to make some brocade, did you hear me correctly? Yes you did! Actual brocade is made when you stitch silver or gold onto already made fabric, I have some silks in various colors, I am going to make sleeves with Gold and Silver Fleur de Lys all over them.

English Fitted Gown~
Did I mention I am dyeing the Damask? I have never used this a new (to me I guess) iDye, they have one for Poly as well as natural fibers. Since I have no clue as to what the content of this damask is? I have a huge metal pot, which was in fact? Not big enough so I thought I could use my bath tub. ? Huge mistake, I have a new home so the tub is plastic not enamel which my old bathtub was (house from 1920's). Thank Gods there is bleach. My tub is a very pretty purple....

. They only had 3 packs of the poly and I have 3 packs of normal, I will be adding all of these to the vat. Heating it up and then cooking my fabric over night. I am hoping for a deep purple but I will be happy with whatever happens to it. If it is icky? I will go with the Linen so it is a win/win situation. Anyway, it has caused me fits today but it is all my fault for being me?
Here is a photo of the before and the after I think it came out really neat! However? Not with the Orange Linen I want to use for the Kirtle

It came out a violet and silver!!! I will use the fabric for a gown but not this gown!!!

I purchased the two patterns currently on the market from Reconstructing History and Tudor Tailor, and I like the TT pattern better since I am in fact guiding myself from the book as well. I am only using them as a basic guide as I am using my good ole Margo bodice! I will be self lining the Kirtle. I have some really aweful green linen I can use to line the actual gown with. I do not htink I will be lining the skirts of the Kirtle. It gets really hot in my neck of the woods and really? I do not deal well with heat issues.


Help!! Which Trim?

The ladies of Tudor Tailor, said that polished cotton mimics some of the material in period. So I have 10 yards of this deep purple, and I have 6 yards of lining in this gross (to me) green.

And for the Roman which I remembered is not needed until after Costume College~ When I was going through my Stash of Dyes, I found a Rose Red so I used the huge pot I could not use for dyeing the Damask due to not paying attention and instead of dyeing the 6 yards I cut from the whole? I dyed the rest of the fabric...Oy and Vey! LOL My research into the Roman era has shown that the Female Tunica? Was colored and not just plain white like the male version. So I will be using this as my under gown.

More later...... Oh I did get about a 1/3 of my crap off of the cut progress was made!
I hope no one sends me to Hoarders! LOL


Thursday, June 23, 2011

English Fitted Gown and Kirtle and GFG

I have loads of fitted this time around!

I am still working on my Summer Liz, stay tuned as soon as work slows down I will get in garb and take pictures of what I have done.

My Stash I have found 6 yards of this gold damask with browny-purple french fleur de lis. I have this fugly damask that is cotton and it is red so I will be going to work and checking out what dyes there are since I have $20.00 free from Joann's. I am going to get the Dylon blues, and perhaps 1 purple. It is a lovely 100 degrees at my home, so I am going to put some water in my very large vat outside the house, and well leave the dye and my fabric inside of it for well...? A couple of days, to see how much it will change the color of this fabric. I also have some woad someone sent me so perhaps I will add a touch of that as well?

Can't hurt right? Famous last words!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Roman Garb for a 16th Century Lady

Well, my Barony is going to have a wonderful summer event and it has been chosen to have "Midsummer's Night" theme in Roman fashion. So I need to make a Chiton and Stola and a Palla so that I can be part of the joy.

This means I get to create a wealthy married lady of Rome. I really do not do early period, but hey? When the fashion strikes? I can make this for Pennsic and also for the extreme heat of Northern California.

So I will begin with a mamillāre or subligāculum, which seems to be the ancient Roman equivalent of the bra and underwear. They used leather as a binding, since I can't take the smell of most leathers, I am going to bind using a strip of linen. I am going to twist the fabric and then cross it over the Boobage and use hook and eyes to hold it up.

Once this is on, I shall be moving to the underdress or the "Tunica", mine will have sleeves which button along the top of the sleeve. I have some awesome buttons I plan on using and for those of you who know me, they are not silver at all but gold in tone so there! LOL This is from my stash. I plan on doing rolled hems to finish the linen on all and then finish the seams so that they will not unravel or become icky as linen likes to get!

Once this is on, since I am a married lady, I shall have a blue "Stola" I am making mine of a blue linen, I think, it depends on what I find! The rest of this is from my Fabric Stash but the only linen I have in stash is not getting me so I am going to check about and see what I can see. I have some earrings I will be making into Fibulas to hold the Stola on my body, and just to make this mention, normally the Stola would be made from wool. At least that is what evidence we have at this time.

I plan on using 'extra' hair because my hair is short and I will have a couple of braids wrapped about my head and pinned in.

I hope to collect some jewelery that will be Romanesque, since it is supposed Roman ladies enjoyed wearing lots of it.

I have sandals from a long time ago. We have some that can fit into the period as well.

For the rest of the family?

Subligaculum or loin cloth - I am going to make linen drawers for him and the boys.

Tunic- I am making this to go down past just past the calf, and then it can be belted higher.

Toga -Did you think that the toga was the Tunic? Me too, I guess that is what I get from paying any attention to Hollywood! What ever linen blue I attain for myself I will also get for Hubby so that we match, I know icky huh?

Sandals- will have to check on these for the guys.

Boys~ They don't seem to wear the toga as much

Eldest Girlfriend~ She gets a Tunic and a Stola.