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Monday, October 25, 2010

Next Year~ 20th Anniversary Gown

Next year marks my husband and myself's 20th Anniversary. When we got married, we had a lovely wedding, very traditional more for our parents than ourselves. We have always wanted to have a Renaissance Anniversary and well why not our 20th?

I would like to use something other than purple which I am always using it seems! I have gray fabrics~ 10 yards of Velvet, 8 yards of Damask, 10 yards of a shiny damask, and some darker gray velvet.

I have black damask with Fleur de Lys fabric on hand for the hubby's outfit, and I want to make my boy black at the same time.

But I need to think about what gown I want to make for me first! LOL I have silk taffeta that I have placed a pattern on, and I am going to use some designs I have from Rowena Charleton Designs you can find her here:
I want to do use silver cord and couch it down between the designs.

But this does depend on my arm as it takes me forever to do anything right now. SIGH good thing my 12th Night outfit is done from last year.

Okay more later

Still Dreaming....Next Year's Plans

Hey All

So I have a very nifty embroidery machine, if you have some money and you really want a kick-ass system please check out the Husqvarna Diamond it is well worth the cash, why? It can do the largest area for embroidery at this time and when they make another that can do a larger area I will upgrade to that one! LOL this does mean? That I can do one side of a Doublet at once.

Anyway with that said? I want to embroider an Elizabethan Jacket. Like this one to the left which is 7 years out of our actual time period, but lovely none the less.

Here are some more examples what I am looking at making especially the one at the bottom, I have Tudor Roses and Fleur de Lis on my device so I have some designs that I want to put all over my choice for this, this specific Jacket to the right is made from Linen and black Silk thread.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Pondering Estrella

I have some black velveteen and gray linen, or could do this in will be for Estrella and it will no doubt be cold.