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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Estrella~ Gown Stuff

OKay so this is what I am going to recreate for a Tourney Gown, for colder weather. What I have in my stash is:

6 yards of deep purple wool
4 yards raspberry linen to line doublet and Sleeves
25 yards of silver trim
4.5 yards of green linen to line skirt
2.5 yards of silver dupioni for inner sleeves
2.5 yards white linen for inner sleeve lining
10 yards of deep purple grosgrain ribbon for trim on inner sleeves.
2 yards of linen for ruffs.

Jewelry, I have a girdle in purple/silver and pearls, Necklace and earrings. I am also going to work on fixing these as they fell apart!

Hat? I have a tall black one, I can add bling on it or I can do a carcenet with some pieces I have already...

I have made 4 yards for the edging on the tops of the sleeves, it has 2 rows of the silver trim

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