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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Renewal Garb

So I am pretty sure I want to work on a doublet like this, however I think I might want to do this for 12th Night, I don't know!

I am thinking to do a French Style and I was also thinking to do a Medici Ruff I have this Fleur De Lys Trim that I could put on Silk Organza, I would use my grey velvet or perhaps find some deep grey velvet and add my lavender and silver trim. I would love to do a kirtle or forepart in lavender silver with tons of embroidery all over it, so I am hoping. I have an embroidery machine and I have some wonderful designs so I can really make this POP, plus I can work on designing more.

For the Hubby? What if I get some Silk Ribbon to create doublet and pants? I think he will look smashing in anything but still!

More later.....


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