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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Arm Injury and New Obsession English Fitted Gown

Hello All!

I had to place the Florentine of wonder on hold. I was injured 3/31/2010 at work and now I know I pulled my shoulder out of socket and tore ligaments, I have been waiting for surgery now for 2 months while going through the bureaucracy. The last hurdle is I am waiting for the approval for the surgery, from my Company's insurance carrier.

In April, I worked a deal to upgrade my Designer SE for the Diamond, so I am now a proud owner of a machine I can't spend more than 20 minutes at a sigh.

Gianetta's Laurelling was lovely while a very hot day? It cooled off very nicely. I made German Sausage for the first time and we had a great time making it and it tasted really good. I also made Pork meatballs, so tasty. I was surprised to see that Gianetta was done up in German Garb, instead of her typical Italians. But she did look good and it was an awesome day and awesome experience!

So I need more to think about, because well I have purchased some awesome linens, and I have some more coming for $3.00 a yard! YEAH me and some silk as well, they are sending me samples I hope to get soon they are Dupioni and for $5.00 per yard an awesome thing indeed.

So to my English Fitted Gown: To the Research!

This is the drawing I think most people think of when looking for the English Fitted Gown.

There are other examples of the Fitted Gown and this lady has an great one.

Queen Sophie in a lovely colorful Fitted Gown

So I was going to use this lovely purple linen, but alas after I made my friend his Tunic, there was not but 2.5 yards left so it is now going to be a Gothic Fitted Gown Bi Colored, with the Grey linen.

However I have tons of linen, here are the pieces I have that I will be making the EFG out of!

This also has trim I was thinking of working with.


Linen for Gown in Murrey 7 yards @ $ 3.50 $ 24.00
Lining for Gown in Linen 4 yards @ $ 4.00 $ 16.00
Linen for the Kirtle in Tawney 7 yards @ $ 3.50 $ 24.00
Lining in Linen for Kirtle 4 yards @ $ 4.00 $ 16.00
Cotton Duck for Bodice both 3 yards @ $ 2.50 $ 7.50
Buttons 20 @ $ .10 $ 2.00
Trim 5 yards @ $ .50 $ 2.50
Total= $ 92.00

Not to shabby eh?


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