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12th Night Workings~

I have been searching, I love the 1560/70's Gowns, which are my favorite time in England, because while at A&S in the West Kingdom, I found out someone I know would be stepping up to be a Laurel.  Sarah Woodville! I am so very excited for her!  I wanted to show my support and when I found out she wanted people to dress in Black/White in the 1560 to 1570's? Well It was kismet! I mean my favorite time period and I had 10 yards of Black on black Fleur de Lys fabric, and 7 yards of white damask as well.  I did not have the trim I wanted to I had to order from Calon Tir Trim

Here is my drawing of what my 12th Night Gown will look like! It is very much simplistic, and I hope still lovely.

So this is my kirtle top, and I am using my tried and true pattern from Margo and then it is onto the sleeves! I typically make my sleeves first but I thought I would play with the bodice first since I have to get the trim on it forever. 

I have changed sizes so much these past 3 years, I was losing weight and went down from a size 22 to almost a size 16, then I got injured at work, it took from March to September of that year to get approval for surgery to attach the torn pieces of my shoulder.  I stopped moving during that 6 month period, due to the pain....then after the surgery it was off to physical therapy and while I did a lot on upper body work, my arm has not like it used to be, as such I have gained some weight back about 12lbs.  I have noticed a complete change to my body my right are is for lack of a better term it has  more fat or less muscle tone? So I am off sides, I need to make a whole new Mock-up or Toile, so I can get the correct fit.  My Uniquely You dummy has not arrived as yet,(it was on back-order for the Christmas season in my size).  I have had to work with my Mom to get a good fit.
I am so sorry I was using white on white! My Smock made from very light handkerchief weight linen, with my Payre of Bodyes. There was a lot of cutting down and over you can see on the 2nd picture what I mean by my right arm -Showing on the left-has more bulk to it.

Here is the Toile re-cut to different fabric.

Sleeve Detail: