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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year~ New Project~ English Fitted Gown

Fabric Stash

Something I need to begin using instead of just stashing the lovelies away. Or that is what my Hubby says! I do have 20 bins and 20 rolls of fabric at this time. Since we redid the Living and Dining/Sewing room floors in hard wood, it took 7 days for me to get my sewing room out of the room. This means I really need to consolidate, and organize my space, and for me it must be pretty, I am such a girlie-girl at heart. I have been combing other people's spaces trying to gain a clue as to what I want.

While trying to get a clue, as to what I want to do, I found some wool I had gotten it must be 8 years ago from and last summer I stumbled across 6 yards of grey linen. So when these fabrics fell into my lap (as I was folding them and putting them into bins #16 and #5 respectively) I began to fixate on the English Fitted Gown. If I darkened the purple wool it would be awesome against the grey linen.

What is a English Fitted Gown?? Well come with me! I received the Tudor Tailor pre-order for Yule in 2006 and was one of the first 100 to own it. If you have not bought this book? Click the link and get it is one of the best things evah! I was also able to chat and go to an all day class/ tea with the ladies of Tudor Tailor in 2007, which really helped me in my skills!
This is what I want to have for Estrella, we are probably only going for 2 days, and I really want to have 3 gowns ready, plus some outfits for the boys. I have ordered deep purple dye from Dharma Trading Company, with some black dye I have on hand, and will attempt to make the purple a little deeper and richer. Now I need to think about what kind of trim.


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