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Monday, January 31, 2011

Estrella Doublet Gown

So I have cut out the lining, I have lost my raspberry linen! I had it I washed it and ironed it and then? Poof! It has moved somewhere! Which totally sucks because I need it to sew to the blue lining.

I went to Greater Bay Area Costumer's Guild, and put in $40.00 for the raffle, I won a total of 6 times but gave my 'win' to someone else after I had picked up

#1. Red Henin- This is for my BFF for Costume College.
#2. Busk for my Pair of Bodies, it is the perfect length.
#3. A new book for me called "Dressing the Elite".

My friends say I am lucky but really I bought 46 tickets so really? I had a pretty good chance to win something!! And there was a lot this year on the tables. People really put forth a lot of largesse.
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