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Friday, February 25, 2011

Estrella was a Don't

Could not get to Estrella again and well I damaged my arm a little bit doing my exercises form home and over did, I spent the days with a heating blanket on my entire body while I had ice on my shoulder and then working to get it movable again. I have this pinch in my shoulder that the Doctor says is causing my arm not to raise up like you are asking a teacher a question. Because of this, I was attempting to get that space to move.....well it moved, to pain.

So I will be unable to sew for the next few weeks whilst my hurt stops burning and I can brush my hair again without crying.

So the Estrella curse continues. Another year without going......


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Doublet Continues!

So here is the doublet, and I need now to make the bottom add them and then add the lining and the Hook and Eye Tape and it will be done. It sounds like a lot but truly it is a day's work and it will be done!!

Next Hubby's Clothing!!

Oh? Right so it is Friday, and I am not at Estrella, long story but suffice to say my Estrella Curse is going strong, Hubby's work kept us home. However? I am getting to Pennsic if I have to drive there myself.

I am feeling very grumpy.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Estrella~Spanish Gown in Purple Wool

Monday was so fun, I went to Gianetta's home picked her up and we then HAD to go to Fabrics R Us, but?? there was nothing I really wanted there, but hook and eye tape. This is the time I cherish my stash! I know people think I have too much (Well my husband), however?? There are not a lot of damasks right now that fit the vibe I like to sew with. I admit I am becoming a snob needing to have authentic type fabrics, I live for some good taffeta and I enjoy finding really expensive fabrics at a good price. So right now I am shopping at home, and I am pretty happy with what I find there! LOL

Anyway, Gianetta got the doublet sorted out and I recut the lining to match the new version 3.1. I have a secret! I don't know how to use hook and eye tape! So I am off Wednesday and I plan on getting all of the doublet done. I don't care if I have to work until midnight, I will get the pecidils and dagging, and collar.

Things to be done Wednesday:

#1. Cut out wool pieces.
#2. Baste the wool to the blue lining.
#3. Pin pieces together and sew.
#4. Sew trim onto doublet body.
#5. Add collar, sew on.
#6. Sew together Linen lining.
#7. Finish creating picadils, by adding
#8. Create dags for the bottom of Doublet
#9. Attach dags
#10. Add lining to doublet.

#1. French Seam pieces together.
#2. Add waist
#3. Add closure
#4. Hang until Monday.

Interior Sleeves
#1. Cut Dupioni
#2. Cut lining
#3 Sew together
#4. Add trim

I need this project to be done by Friday February 11. I need to finish all but the adding of the hook and eye tape so I can get some help in doing this.

There are several really good sites if you want to hand sew your clothing, I have carpal tonal and while I can do some handsewing? Dealing with the pain, is something I try to avoid. The Attack Laurel, has some wonderful information on how to create really sturdy and effective seams. Has some awesome help in making machine seams mimic hand sewing. I am using the "French Seam" example for my skirt on this project. Since I am mixing linen and wool I thought this might be the strongest seam for both.
This means I am using Renaissance Tailor's way

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pennsic Gown #3

This is another gown I will be making in linen, for Pennsic. I have several colors, a nice blue and a lavender, and a deep purple as well as an orange. I have some spiffy sleeve materials I will have to check out!

Here is another choice as well and I like this one I think it shows promise!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pennsic On My Mind

I have been wanting to get to Pennsic for many years as well as Estrella. However, Pennsic is in Pennslyvani......... in August. Who made that up? I mean really?! I was born there and my family lives in Pittsburgh-Still. Pennsic overlaps at least the first days with Costume College which I have been attending for at least 8 years now. I have a friend who has been very insistant that I make the 3000 mile journey and visit the vaulted event. Since I will not have a job by August, I need to save a lot to make sure We can go, because I will have to pay for actual tickets to fly now! Arrgh, I will loose my job at Skywest due to a contract closure April 1, 2011.

We might as well go to Pennsic! It is the 40th Year for Pennsic, we can visit my family, and go out to Pennsic for a few days, as long as I can find a hotel close by that is not too expensive. Then I can cross it off of my bucket list.


I don't have enough garb to handle the heat/humidity in Pennsylvania. I have 3 gowns that could work but I need to add 3 more for just in case. I am a late period English lady so I will want to wear this for my garb. Why? Because I can look spiffy!!

Things I need/want to make:
For Cilean
#1. Pisa Gown in Linen -should I make a trained gown for Pennsic?
#2. Pair of Bodyes with skirt and matching sleeves a la Attack Laurel
#3. Kirtle with black trim

For Alexandir
#1. Doublet and Pannions
#2. Black outfit
#3. Teal Outfit

Knowing the heat issues, I will make everything with linen so checking the stash I have on hand currently:

8 yards Lavender-Blue
5 yards Black-plus a little extra I could make into trim
8 yards deep purple
4 yards orange
5 yards Robin's Egg Blue
6 yards white/blue Damask
6 yards darker lavender
5 yards Grey
5 yards orange/red shot
5 yards green

Linen Additionally Needed:
7 yards dark green
7 yards royal purple

Fabrics R Us, a local fabric store has 60" wide linen for $4.00 and I would say it is 5.0 ounce. They do have many light colors, and a ton of purples in which makes me happy. I have asked the owner if he can find dark green, and darker yellow, as well as a royal blue.

What I currently have Garb Wise:
2 Smock high necked
1 Smock square necked
2 Camisas long and short
2 Partlets

UFO's Unfinished Objects
3 Petticoats
2 Corded Petticoats
1 Silk Farthingale

Will be working on this Month (February 26, 2011) I am heading to a Ren Sewing Workshop
#1. Lavender Linen Pair of Bodies with Sleeves, using Margo's Patterns. This has been a pain for me for years, I have made up dozens of these and lose them so I have nothing to work with!

So this is my plan, I planned it and we shall see what happens from this said plan!


Estrella~ Hubby's Doublet

So this will be my Lord's new Kit so to speak, I have a very fancy sewing machine it is the Diamond from Husqvarna. It does satin stich like no bodies business and I have grey velveteen, some lovely blue silk or some cotton in a damask in my stash I can use to make this lovely, I think I will do the satin stitch in dark blue or perhaps black, but who knows? the good part is that I know this can be done well and still be a Tourney outfit, so I need to have this be washable. I will use hooks and eyes to close the front and the 3 buttons shown at the top at the collar and the bottom, I have some awesome silver rounds.

But first? I need to get my gown done and then I can work on this one!

Always planning eh?



Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Estrella Gown~ Sleeves Done

Feb. 2, 2011 Update:

I have done the hand sewing on the sleeves and cut out the skirt in the wool.

To do Thursday:
So this is how I make a skirt.

Waist Measurement +1" (Seam Allowance) , divide by panels ( I use 6) = X
Length of waist to floor + 4" (for petticoat space) = Y

Cut 3 pieces Y long
Lay out your 3 pieces and they will make a rectangle. place your long ruler at X on the top of one side and it is not long enough use 2 rulers, and the end of the 2nd ruller should also be at X cut long that axis and you will have 6 pieces, sew them together and add your waistband and voila! You are done! I use this for my petticoats, and well even my Farthingale.

To do Friday:
Going to Gianetta's home to get my last toile fitting for the doublet.

To Do Saturday:
Sew together the skirt and then attach the silver trim in the front. Let hang for hemming later in the week.

Cut out and sew Doublet and decorate with the silver trim.
Add dags around the waist.
Add shoulder rolls and then add sleeves.

To Do Sunday:
Wrist Ruffs, pin together and attach.
Finish Neck Ruff press and pack.
Work on Jewlery

To Do Monday:
Finish anything left over
Begin Hubby's Doublet

To Do Wednesday:
Begin Panions

So much to do still!