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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Estrella~ Hubby's Doublet

So this will be my Lord's new Kit so to speak, I have a very fancy sewing machine it is the Diamond from Husqvarna. It does satin stich like no bodies business and I have grey velveteen, some lovely blue silk or some cotton in a damask in my stash I can use to make this lovely, I think I will do the satin stitch in dark blue or perhaps black, but who knows? the good part is that I know this can be done well and still be a Tourney outfit, so I need to have this be washable. I will use hooks and eyes to close the front and the 3 buttons shown at the top at the collar and the bottom, I have some awesome silver rounds.

But first? I need to get my gown done and then I can work on this one!

Always planning eh?



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