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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Estrella Gown~ Sleeves Done

Feb. 2, 2011 Update:

I have done the hand sewing on the sleeves and cut out the skirt in the wool.

To do Thursday:
So this is how I make a skirt.

Waist Measurement +1" (Seam Allowance) , divide by panels ( I use 6) = X
Length of waist to floor + 4" (for petticoat space) = Y

Cut 3 pieces Y long
Lay out your 3 pieces and they will make a rectangle. place your long ruler at X on the top of one side and it is not long enough use 2 rulers, and the end of the 2nd ruller should also be at X cut long that axis and you will have 6 pieces, sew them together and add your waistband and voila! You are done! I use this for my petticoats, and well even my Farthingale.

To do Friday:
Going to Gianetta's home to get my last toile fitting for the doublet.

To Do Saturday:
Sew together the skirt and then attach the silver trim in the front. Let hang for hemming later in the week.

Cut out and sew Doublet and decorate with the silver trim.
Add dags around the waist.
Add shoulder rolls and then add sleeves.

To Do Sunday:
Wrist Ruffs, pin together and attach.
Finish Neck Ruff press and pack.
Work on Jewlery

To Do Monday:
Finish anything left over
Begin Hubby's Doublet

To Do Wednesday:
Begin Panions

So much to do still!

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