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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Estrella~Spanish Gown in Purple Wool

Monday was so fun, I went to Gianetta's home picked her up and we then HAD to go to Fabrics R Us, but?? there was nothing I really wanted there, but hook and eye tape. This is the time I cherish my stash! I know people think I have too much (Well my husband), however?? There are not a lot of damasks right now that fit the vibe I like to sew with. I admit I am becoming a snob needing to have authentic type fabrics, I live for some good taffeta and I enjoy finding really expensive fabrics at a good price. So right now I am shopping at home, and I am pretty happy with what I find there! LOL

Anyway, Gianetta got the doublet sorted out and I recut the lining to match the new version 3.1. I have a secret! I don't know how to use hook and eye tape! So I am off Wednesday and I plan on getting all of the doublet done. I don't care if I have to work until midnight, I will get the pecidils and dagging, and collar.

Things to be done Wednesday:

#1. Cut out wool pieces.
#2. Baste the wool to the blue lining.
#3. Pin pieces together and sew.
#4. Sew trim onto doublet body.
#5. Add collar, sew on.
#6. Sew together Linen lining.
#7. Finish creating picadils, by adding
#8. Create dags for the bottom of Doublet
#9. Attach dags
#10. Add lining to doublet.

#1. French Seam pieces together.
#2. Add waist
#3. Add closure
#4. Hang until Monday.

Interior Sleeves
#1. Cut Dupioni
#2. Cut lining
#3 Sew together
#4. Add trim

I need this project to be done by Friday February 11. I need to finish all but the adding of the hook and eye tape so I can get some help in doing this.

There are several really good sites if you want to hand sew your clothing, I have carpal tonal and while I can do some handsewing? Dealing with the pain, is something I try to avoid. The Attack Laurel, has some wonderful information on how to create really sturdy and effective seams. Has some awesome help in making machine seams mimic hand sewing. I am using the "French Seam" example for my skirt on this project. Since I am mixing linen and wool I thought this might be the strongest seam for both.
This means I am using Renaissance Tailor's way

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