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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pennsic On My Mind

I have been wanting to get to Pennsic for many years as well as Estrella. However, Pennsic is in Pennslyvani......... in August. Who made that up? I mean really?! I was born there and my family lives in Pittsburgh-Still. Pennsic overlaps at least the first days with Costume College which I have been attending for at least 8 years now. I have a friend who has been very insistant that I make the 3000 mile journey and visit the vaulted event. Since I will not have a job by August, I need to save a lot to make sure We can go, because I will have to pay for actual tickets to fly now! Arrgh, I will loose my job at Skywest due to a contract closure April 1, 2011.

We might as well go to Pennsic! It is the 40th Year for Pennsic, we can visit my family, and go out to Pennsic for a few days, as long as I can find a hotel close by that is not too expensive. Then I can cross it off of my bucket list.


I don't have enough garb to handle the heat/humidity in Pennsylvania. I have 3 gowns that could work but I need to add 3 more for just in case. I am a late period English lady so I will want to wear this for my garb. Why? Because I can look spiffy!!

Things I need/want to make:
For Cilean
#1. Pisa Gown in Linen -should I make a trained gown for Pennsic?
#2. Pair of Bodyes with skirt and matching sleeves a la Attack Laurel
#3. Kirtle with black trim

For Alexandir
#1. Doublet and Pannions
#2. Black outfit
#3. Teal Outfit

Knowing the heat issues, I will make everything with linen so checking the stash I have on hand currently:

8 yards Lavender-Blue
5 yards Black-plus a little extra I could make into trim
8 yards deep purple
4 yards orange
5 yards Robin's Egg Blue
6 yards white/blue Damask
6 yards darker lavender
5 yards Grey
5 yards orange/red shot
5 yards green

Linen Additionally Needed:
7 yards dark green
7 yards royal purple

Fabrics R Us, a local fabric store has 60" wide linen for $4.00 and I would say it is 5.0 ounce. They do have many light colors, and a ton of purples in which makes me happy. I have asked the owner if he can find dark green, and darker yellow, as well as a royal blue.

What I currently have Garb Wise:
2 Smock high necked
1 Smock square necked
2 Camisas long and short
2 Partlets

UFO's Unfinished Objects
3 Petticoats
2 Corded Petticoats
1 Silk Farthingale

Will be working on this Month (February 26, 2011) I am heading to a Ren Sewing Workshop
#1. Lavender Linen Pair of Bodies with Sleeves, using Margo's Patterns. This has been a pain for me for years, I have made up dozens of these and lose them so I have nothing to work with!

So this is my plan, I planned it and we shall see what happens from this said plan!


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Isabella said...

You are coming to Pennsic?!? :-)

Some hopefully very helpful tips: It can, and will, get cold. I have seen frost in the morning. I have had ten blankets on top of me and still been cold. You will want at least two "colder" weather garments because of this.

For your persona: A linen smock, stays, and a petticoat with an apron. You will be much happier if you stick with that during the day (something you can slip a gown or a jacket over at night).

Camp: Trust me. You want to camp. Just either sign up for singles camping or find a group now that is willing to have another camper. The problem with a hotel is you have to leave -which you won't want to do. It's also more expensive. There are real showers and flush toilets at Pennsic. However, the latrines really aren't that bad -they wash them at least three times a day thoroughly. You can buy a tent at Walmart when you get here. I've certainly done that without a huge problem (other than I didn't want to spend the $100 for it).