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Friday, October 21, 2011

Orange Kirtle

More on the Kirtle ...Well I thas been some time, I got very far about 80% done and then life kicked me with a nasty cold and then something in my foot went wonky it is known as plantar fasciitis, I think I have a mild case but it really makes it difficult to walk around and camp and well sit without shoes on!
So I could not find the purl thread to cover my lacing holes so I am going to use embroidery floss, because I found the color in that. Once those are done I can add the skirt to the bodice and then I am going to wear this for October's Coronet for Cynagua.
I am also making a new Smock with nifty Fleur de Lys embroidery on the cuffs and collar. I will have a picture for this soon.
More later!

Monday, October 3, 2011

New Inspiration

I don 't know what happened to this lady, or perhaps she should have fired her portrait painter, or perhaps she really did look this way? I love her necklace it is very plain compared to her Smock or Partlet that shows so lovely. I really like her sleeves as well.

The lady on the Right? Love her white lovely! What is on the edging her Smock ruff?
Is that pulled lace on the interior of her Doublet neckline? The sleeve silver is also something yummy for me.

Wow! I love the trim placement on this gown, I don't like the neckline. I can't wear this color at all, but I could do this in blue or green, or perhaps yes you guessed it purple. I have some deep purple Cotton Sateen that would be smashing as this.

Sleeve work is pinked and I could get a mountain of cord in silver to do this well. I like the fact? It already has sliver on the trim of this, and I think I can find trim today that is similar, I need to create my own buttons but I have taken a couple of classes so I think I could cover this!

What is attached to her head gear?
Garlic? Was she expecting a Vampire attack?

I really love this whole thing (Sans the Garlic string) again? That yellow is not in my future, however her fitted gown? What we used to call a 'Ropa' is pretty nice, it looks like she has the 1/3 sleeve that attached to the Gown and then it might be a different sleeve going onto the cuff. I really think the damask is spiffy too.

French Gown, I like the curved bodice, and it does look good in linen.

Ahh Love the flat cap with the escoffion, I think this reminds me of Ren Faire, which is not a bad thing, I am planning on making several escoffions in the future as they are pretty awesome.

I love this Smock/Partlet! I even love the gown top, I wonder if more would have been added or if the fabric was plain to showcase the wonderful patterns already showing? Does not seem to be the 16th Century thing but who knows?

12th Night? Hmmmmm

Beatrice d'Este Gown from her tomb....
I am going to cheat! LOL I found some fabric at Joann's ( I know right?) it looks like it has cording all over it so I would just need to add the silver tassles which are not too difficult to create, it is black and gold, so I think I can find some nice black satin de burgess look alike to put the gown together. It is upholstery weight and I would wait till he 50% off deal is on, and then pick up 5 to 10 yards because I could make matching attire for the Hubby as well. Or I know at Fabrics R Us they have cording and I could work on this project for next 2013s 12th Night, as I would not get it done in the restricted period I have to create currently.
I have a 12th Night project done for this year and I am working on getting the Hubby four fancy outfits, and four camping outfits done. ... but these are ongoing!
Sigh, plus the youngest? Grew again he is now 5' 5" ish and shows no signs of stopping, I must make him a complete kit for 12th Night or he will have nothing to wear...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October Crown~ EFG~Gabardine Inspiration

Day tripped to October Crown for the West Kingdom, and Duke Uther won, he looked very good too, we almost had Duke Conor, it was a tie breaking fight!  So it is now October, we have had some very hot weather for September but it was awesomely fabulous!  We said hello to our new Baron/ess, and we bid adieux to our older ones, and witnessed them becoming Baorn/ess in thier own rights!  They desearve it they are very nice people.

This has lead me to **again** think on Gabardines, the lady in the front of the procession here has one a warm coat, I think this is called a Gabardine, and covers her gown.  You will also notice the gown does not fall to the floor but sweeps just at her shoe level.  The other lady's gown does not sweep the floor either.  Robin Netherton, feels that the sensibility of our gowns going to the floor always might be an extraplation from the Victorian Historians.

 But these gowns are English Fitted Gowns right?  I hope so, but the first lady and this one in the middle my comments, I can see the fur on the interior of the cover coat and it does not seem as form fitting as EDGs I see.  Look at the gentelwoman servant on the right bottom.  Her gown is form fitting.  So too are the ones in the middle drawing and the lady to the right gown in the first drawing.

So am I correct? I have no idea! But I am going to work on a Gabardine, currently I have 7 yards of a darker black/green wool. I could line that in fleece or a medium linen, because of my over-heating issues I do not wish to attempt a fur lining.

Progress Hath Been Made!
I have done 85% of the mock-up EFG-Orange Kirtle, It has cost me all of $25.00! It came together pretty quickly. 

Still To Do:
Wednesday I need to work on finishing that piece so I can work on making a Toile for the gown. I need to pick up some more muslin....sigh.    Friday will see me  beginning to work on the  Toile for the Gown, Since I am using the Tudor Tailor Pattern and this will be my first I am going to take my time and play with it.