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Monday, October 3, 2011

12th Night? Hmmmmm

Beatrice d'Este Gown from her tomb....
I am going to cheat! LOL I found some fabric at Joann's ( I know right?) it looks like it has cording all over it so I would just need to add the silver tassles which are not too difficult to create, it is black and gold, so I think I can find some nice black satin de burgess look alike to put the gown together. It is upholstery weight and I would wait till he 50% off deal is on, and then pick up 5 to 10 yards because I could make matching attire for the Hubby as well. Or I know at Fabrics R Us they have cording and I could work on this project for next 2013s 12th Night, as I would not get it done in the restricted period I have to create currently.
I have a 12th Night project done for this year and I am working on getting the Hubby four fancy outfits, and four camping outfits done. ... but these are ongoing!
Sigh, plus the youngest? Grew again he is now 5' 5" ish and shows no signs of stopping, I must make him a complete kit for 12th Night or he will have nothing to wear...

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