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Monday, October 3, 2011

New Inspiration

I don 't know what happened to this lady, or perhaps she should have fired her portrait painter, or perhaps she really did look this way? I love her necklace it is very plain compared to her Smock or Partlet that shows so lovely. I really like her sleeves as well.

The lady on the Right? Love her white lovely! What is on the edging her Smock ruff?
Is that pulled lace on the interior of her Doublet neckline? The sleeve silver is also something yummy for me.

Wow! I love the trim placement on this gown, I don't like the neckline. I can't wear this color at all, but I could do this in blue or green, or perhaps yes you guessed it purple. I have some deep purple Cotton Sateen that would be smashing as this.

Sleeve work is pinked and I could get a mountain of cord in silver to do this well. I like the fact? It already has sliver on the trim of this, and I think I can find trim today that is similar, I need to create my own buttons but I have taken a couple of classes so I think I could cover this!

What is attached to her head gear?
Garlic? Was she expecting a Vampire attack?

I really love this whole thing (Sans the Garlic string) again? That yellow is not in my future, however her fitted gown? What we used to call a 'Ropa' is pretty nice, it looks like she has the 1/3 sleeve that attached to the Gown and then it might be a different sleeve going onto the cuff. I really think the damask is spiffy too.

French Gown, I like the curved bodice, and it does look good in linen.

Ahh Love the flat cap with the escoffion, I think this reminds me of Ren Faire, which is not a bad thing, I am planning on making several escoffions in the future as they are pretty awesome.

I love this Smock/Partlet! I even love the gown top, I wonder if more would have been added or if the fabric was plain to showcase the wonderful patterns already showing? Does not seem to be the 16th Century thing but who knows?

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