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Sunday, May 5, 2013

June Crown A.S. 48~ Time for the Stirlings to SHINE!!!

So I said I was going to work on my Husband's Garb, because he needed it so badly, here is the progress I have made on this front!!!!!

)O( Elizabethans )O(

Tourney Garb
Set 1
Non Waled Corduroy in Grey
Doublet ~Done!

Pannions ~Done!

Set 2
 Linen Black with Green/yellow/black Damask
Doublet ~ Cut out and attaching trim
Pannions ~Done!

Set 3
Linen Blueberry with trim in Silver and black
Doublet ~ Cut out Attaching Trim
Pannions ~Cut out 

Set 4
Cotton Velveteen Black
Doublet~ Cut Out
Pannions~ Done!

Feast Garb

Silk Taffeta Strap work
Doublet~ Cut Out
Pannions ~ not done

Silk Dupioni with Blue Silk to show through pinks
Not begun ;0(

 For June Crown:

We are planning on using our new Pavilion from Panther!! It is a Regent, because I needed something I could feasibly put up on  my own, and with the BCC, we did not need the space of our older pavilion. So for Crown I want to have done for the camping space:

A4 Chair Covers ~ Purple with Fleur de Lis stamped all over to cover our mundane new chairs that are too large for my other covers.                                                                               

B)  Dutch Oven table~ I will show you all what I mean when we get it and then take photos, it is tall, and allows me to use the dutch oven without bending too far down all the time.                                                                                                         C)  2 Boxes~ We need a box now to carry Hubby's Garb, and 
another to hold various washing things.  If we are really good? Perhaps we can knock out 4 but I am not holding my breath!!

Banners, water carrier, and those types of things will be next on my list.  Once we save up some from this purchase, I want to pick up 2 benches that seat 2, and I will make pillows for them so that people can come and sit in the BCC and hang out.  Still looking for a really awesome brazier, I think I will have to check out An Tir, I will ask my friends up there about that.

That is all for now!  I will keep you all posted on the Hubby Garb Journey!! LOL