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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Musings on English Fitted Gowns

So I have several patterns I could use to make the English Fitted Gown. I own the Tudor Tailor Book but I also have the new pattern from them to make the Women's Gown. I also have Reconstructing History's version as well. I have my Margo's Bodice and Doublet that I could in fact create my gown from as well

I had gotten my Burnt Orange Linen the wrong name for Elizabethan Color what I have is Orange-Tawney. So I am happier with this added to my Murrey Linen. This will be a washable outfit, and it will have sleeves for the Kirtle that will be detachable to make it wearable in the HOT climate of Northern California. I have issues with the heat and I just can't deal with the wools, even the summer weight ones that I have tried and had to take them off in order to deal with said heat. I doff my hat to those of you who live in humid climates I would be sick, and could not wear my beloved Elizabethans due to the weather constraints.

It looks like I will be needing a new Smock as well, and I will be making the Faux ruff that the ladies around their necks!

More later!

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