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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Birthday, Eclipse, Viral Worms and Blackouts

So it is or was my birthday July 5, I really wanted to go to the beach but .....traffic through the 5 and 580 by my home made that a dream not to be. I did invite several people to join us and they showed up and we were able to have a great day, nothing huge, nothing planned in fact, just a nice day with friends.

July 3, 2010, laptop acting up, keeps saying I have an infection and I must get a new Anti-virus... seems the anti-virus is the trojan horse that puts itself in your drivers and basically as you get online it will shut off your access. Then it calls up nasty porn (Not the good stuff mind you ;0p ) and Ciallis, and the little blue pill. SO when you go to open your machine? You have a history of going to several porn sites and other sites - this puts the "Mal" in malware. Hubby took most of the 3rd to the 5th getting this crap cleaned up and clearing my machine and rebuilding it with Windows 7.

So I did not have computer usage for most of the weekend which was torture, I really had no idea how much I depended on this venue for connection to the outside world.

Eclipse, so I tried to see it 29th/30th of June but a friend chose not to go so then I wanted to go July 1st because I was off of work, Hubby asked if he could see it but wanted to see the 2nd movie before he saw the 3rd one. This meant I could not see it until July 4th because we could not find it in the stores to rent and so I bullied him into renting from iTunes and watching it via his brand new Apple Laptop. July 4th the heat was pretty awful and so we cooked and got ready to join my Son's Girlfriend's Family at a nearby park.

So early July 5th, we go up to the Movies...and they have a blackout! So off we went to the Store to pick up eggs and ice (which no one had) and then home to make home made ice cream before people showed up.

Poeple left about 8ish and I finally got the chance to watch the movie at 9:15pm. I really enjoyed it, it was fun and told some of background within the Cullens. There could have been more in my thought back in #2 New Moon, but some is better than nothing.

No Garb making, I have to finish the tunics and 2 smocks for friends then I can begin to do something fun for myself.

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