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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Kirtle~ Mock Up for Bodice

I can tell you I am going to use my Margo's Pattern for the Kirtle's bodice and then I am going to cut the skirting into 6 panels because my waist is 45 inches (I know I am working on that) I am going to make sure I have some Box pleat space so I am going to to the panels at 10" at one side and 44" at the other side. This will give me 60" around my waist to box pleats in and 264" at the bottom of the skirt.

I am also going to try an Elizabethan technique I can use on my sewing machine, I am going to use a French seam on this because linen can fray like the dickens. I am using linen both to line and outer fabric, so I think the French seam will hold up over time.

So first I need to get my bodice Toile fitted, I am hoping my Mom can help me with this later today.

I am using I think 2 inner of cotton duck, and then making the boning within these and then adding the linen outer and inner. Then ick! Making lacing holes, my least favorite thing, but I do like them better than grommets.

So there is my next couple of days, I hope to get it down quickly


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