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Thursday, June 23, 2011

English Fitted Gown and Kirtle and GFG

I have loads of fitted this time around!

I am still working on my Summer Liz, stay tuned as soon as work slows down I will get in garb and take pictures of what I have done.

My Stash I have found 6 yards of this gold damask with browny-purple french fleur de lis. I have this fugly damask that is cotton and it is red so I will be going to work and checking out what dyes there are since I have $20.00 free from Joann's. I am going to get the Dylon blues, and perhaps 1 purple. It is a lovely 100 degrees at my home, so I am going to put some water in my very large vat outside the house, and well leave the dye and my fabric inside of it for well...? A couple of days, to see how much it will change the color of this fabric. I also have some woad someone sent me so perhaps I will add a touch of that as well?

Can't hurt right? Famous last words!

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