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Sunday, September 4, 2011

English Fitted Gown~ French Hood Please!

Well kind of quick and semi-dirty! I am working on the French Hood first....because it always happens that I complete the outfit.....and then loose energy to complete the hat or sleeves or what have you!
So I am using Sarah Woodville's the best thing about this is that I can in fact ask questions and get answers quickly. I have several patterns but Sarah's seems the most like what they had done in the past. It just feels right? You know?
Coif~ I am wiring my coif, not that Sarah has asked that but I wanted at least one that was wired, I own a Husqvarna and I have a cording foot so it is not too tough...I only broke one needle!
Now many people have mentioned that the color for the French Hood base or 'Paste' is red, I am so not the red gurl....I never wear red it is just a thing with me, my kirtle is orange linen, and my gown is a Aubergine or deep purple (go figure!) I have not figured out my sleeves, I have some lovely shot silks, and the one I want to use is orange and purple but I don't know if I have enough fabric to make sleeves with......
I should have the coif done today, I do not have the pleated fabric in my stash, so for this coif I will not have it, I will do more I hope that will in fact have some lovely silk that I will press into folds.
Paste~ I want to make from the same shot silk I spoke of before for the sleeves the orange and purple shot silk. I do have enough for that, at least.
Veil~ I have some black velveteen that I am going to use for this and I am lining it in cream or white silk, whichever I find first!
Billaments~ I have plenty in my stash, I just need 4th of July as my day off to sew the pieces onto the whole, also? I will be painting my silver and purple bits gold so that they fit the overall feel of the gown.
Okay so next time you hear from me? I will show you all of the pieces and the end result!
Awesome! Also? My Kirtle will need to be cut out and the bodice put together so I can make eyelet lacing holes also on the 4th!

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