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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tub Fail...

So you all saw how nice the dye came out, however I still think I will from now on use the commerical dyes from Dharma Trading Company, but now that I know there are dyes that will work on poly, I will be mixing the dyes from now on.
However? I am so stupid, is it because I am mostly grey now (thank GODS for hair dyes, better living through science!), I am having blonde Senior Moments. We have a new home, only 4 years old, and I have a plastic bath tub, and I turned it deep purple with the dye, my hubby was this is plastic...not the enamel tub from our old home. D'oh! So with bleach and borax in hand? I scrubbed like I was Cinderella, and I can now say it is still there...but now a light lavender and just in a couple of places not the entire tub. I think one more session of tub scrubing will get it white.
I have learned and I will be purchasing bins to dye in from now one. Even if they are $15.00 for the large size? So much better than wanting to clean my Sewing room and spending the entire day scrubbing the crap out of my tub.
But the fabric is awesome and I am happy!

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