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Monday, September 12, 2011

Renewal Gown~ Still Working It Out

With less than a month away from this event? I am still working the gown in my brainpan.

The Daughter of French Henri
I love this gown, this is a sketch (obviously) but we see this also in Isabel of Valois

Gods, I hope they clean up this portrait one day and show it!

Here is another gown of this fabulous lady, I love this showing the head piece and the cool neckline, and the separate picadils.  I have the pearls and I need the necklace below I think I can make that or purchase it.

Do you see the embroidery? Okay so this one I think is smaller pearls I am using embroidery to make this pop and with the pearls in the larger piece, I will need to work with finding the perfect girdle as well.
Currently I have Silk Taffeta in White, for the lining, in Lavender for the Kirtle and in Silver for the Gown.  

Do you see the pattern on the gown? I think my Husqvarna Diamond has something similar, I need to do some test pieces, I will be using silver thread to get the most impact on this kirtle.  You can also see the

I need to sketch this out which is my next phase for me and then I am going to figure out the design for the kirtle which again is lavender silk taffeta.  You can also see that this has been slashed to be very small holes.  I don't know if I want to do that but I might stamp if I can find the perfect Leather piece so that it will make a great effect.

Also? You can see the kind of Fleur de Lys near her hand that was my inspiration. If I can find the leather piece that looks like a Tudor Rose? This will be my perfect effect since the Gown will have my Fleurs the Kirtle will have the Roses!!

Okay more later!

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