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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Costume College~ Recap

Okay so it must be Mercury Retrograde as Blogger has lost 8 posts and is now holding them hostage!
I just got back from Costume College. I had a slight snafu, I was sent to training on the Thursday before, so I had to drive up to Sacramento, and then back in rush hour traffic, and then load up my junk and child and hubby and then drive down to Woodland Hills, CA. I live in Northern California this was a 4.5 hour drive, with my youngest son and my Hubby which is always fun, even after 20 years together we still laugh, and sing, and our kids think we are tragic!

Here is my 14th Century Silk Kirtle in Orange/Violet Shot Silk & over gown in Violet Silk Velvet!  Awesome, not so awesome this photo as my friend is shorter and she did not get the lovely of my necklace! Or earrings!

I did learn so much this year!  I made a Partlet out of blue wool and black linen, I have in fact cut out another version in purple non waled corduroy and I am hoping to get that finished soon.

Spent time in a discussion with Robin Netherton who as usual blows my mind.  This time it was the influence of what we consider factual points of reference that are actually Victorian constructs!
She showed us how something began as a 14th Century drawing and then was filtered through the lenses of Victorian Artists.  They were not really trying to defraud people, but just them adding a fichu to Grandma's 1700 outfit, they filtered the past through their own versions.  Some of these filters have been ascribed to being 'period' correct or authentic.  It was an eye opener for myself and others who had the chance to learn.

Also I had a great class for Coif making and how to make a good sleeve!

So I think it was a grand CoCo, but what was funnier? Was speaking to those we knew from CoCo, like that bird from Foster's House!

Besty and I were hanging out at Ren Faire in So California, and when we met someone whom we knew from Costume College we would squawk "Co Co!" We do Co Co! And laugh, the other costumer would get it and laugh and squawk back "Co Co!"  Hilarity ensued!


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