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Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Things in My Life

Well now that I can publish again I can show some of the great things and strange things that have been happening to our family!

First of all we purchased a brand new home about 4 years ago, we did not get the refrigeration I wanted...just wayyy too much money when we were doing so much at the same time.  We went from a 900 square foot home to a 3,000 one, and we had to furnish.

So kind of pissed that the fridge? Died on us after only 4 years!  Talk about the failing manufacturing issues, I mean really? My Mom and Dad still have the fridge they bought when they first got married! Okay so it is gold Harvest Gold but really? Still works.

Should I get all pissy though? Because it was not really the Fridge we wanted or truly needed with teens in the house.  It was wayyyyyyyy too small, back in May just before Memorial Day, I went shopping, the fridge was holding up on the cooling part but we did not have a freezer, however we do own a deep freezer so we had some time.

I saw the LG 28 cu foot and thought I heard the Angels singing, plenty of space and a great price!  Then my Mother became ill and we had to check her into the hospital and well? More important things to worry about.  We went back later that same week and I was told it was still on sale, I took some pictures on my iPhone of the sale price and the size of the machine, just to make sure we could in fact fit it into the house.

Hubby and myself went back the next day to finalize the purchase and was told that the price was not valid, and they had 'never' had that particular machine at such a low price.  I showed them the pictures I still had on my iPhone...  Then we set up a deal, we gave them our cell numbers and home number, they were going to call us when they found out a good sale...

Segue to just before Labor Day~ I realized no one had ever called us, so I dropped into 'Big Warehouse Chain' and lo and behold? The 28 LG was no where to be found, they had stopped selling it!!!   So I spoke with the new Manager of the section (no one of course had EVER heard of us, or our information).  We got the new LG 31 cu for the price back in May.
It was delivered that next Saturday, and it is awesome, and !!!!!  The electronic read out is purple!
More of a lavender on a silver background, the Fridge has more lights than GOD! I love it truly!


Now I shall have to clean & organize the silly fridge!


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