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Sunday, September 4, 2011

French Hood~ Done!!

July 9~ I needed the French Hood done and it is done and I wore it do you think I got a picture of me wearing it? NO!

We went to Manteca to the Investiture in Fettburg! The Feast was fantastic! I mean wonderful!
Not only was the food ready on time!

It was seperated in other words when we had applesauce, pork and mushroom sauce? Each part was in it's own and so it was easy for me not to have the sauce and still eat the food!! KUDOS to the Chefs!
So I will have a point by point of this method which I really enjoy as it is not as heavy so it did not slouch off of my head I have baby fine hair (yeah I know, I am mixed, who knew?) so even with my fake hair attached, I had trouble keeping the Hood from falling back.
Now I did have to adjust the hood a couple of times? But it was way better than the thousands of times with my other ones.

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