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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Getting Things Done~

In Need of Completion For 12th Night Before I can even get to the Gown!!!
Payre of Bodyes in Violet Linen
I will be working on this piece. I hope to get it done enough to make the lacing holes.
I will take pictures of this soon!
Farthingale in Violet Linen
Farthingale Channels sewn in
Attaching to the Payre of Bodyes
Pictures to Come
Petticoat in Silke
I have one cut out, I just need to take the time to sew the darn thing together.
Kyrtle in White Damask
I have the fabric 8 yards and the trim.
Gown in Black Damask
I have the fabric but I have not yet begun Sigh

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