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Sunday, November 6, 2011

12th Night Inspiration~

I think I have found my gown, and my hubby's as well!
Since I have known Sarah from Mode Historique for a some years now, first as a Costuming Maven at GBACG, then at Costume College and later in the SCA. So I was happy to hear she was getting honored to become our newest Laurel in the West Kingdom, stepping up at 12th Night. While at our Arts & Sciences Collegium, I found out about the colors she is going to use, which is Black and White.
So there are tons of black and white ensambles....except when you want to find it!!!
What do you think? I know the gown is pearled, so I have 7 yards of pearled already dupioni silk. (Praise the Stash!)
And I am not the red girl so I was going to do the bits in silver/gold and purple.
For my Husband:
I love the cap and I like his jerkin.
I really think this guy is dead sexy right? I mean he has it all!
So I might want to make this in Black and Silver . This man is so sexy with his lovely doublet.

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