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Sunday, November 6, 2011

A&S Challenge~ Wednesday Project

We just had a marvelous time at A&S, I saw some people I had not in some time, met the Lord and Lady of the Mists (they seem fun!) and well just a blast, we ended with a musicale just like they did in the past and the venue, while mazelike? Was lovely and historical and the only thing I had issue with is the size of the rooms, but really? how can I even kevtech because it was just wonderful.
There was a lovely Venetian/Florentine Gown in purple silk and it was lovely and I complimented her on such a lovely piece, she gushed and said it is an easy pattern and that she did it in a day. Well she said it was easy for her with her 'skills'....? Okay...
This is the kind of gown it was:
Without the trim and belt and slashed sleeves. So if you can think of a basic gown with a different sleeves from the forearm.
So this got me thinking, I bet I can make this gown in 4 hours, because I do have some skills myself. I am looking at making gowns in linen, to wear to Pennsic, and in the West Kingdom.
So why not? I just picked up some shot pink and blue fabric, and I have some heavy linen to back the bodice, I do have some other linen to do the forearm, I am thinking of doing it in either
gray with Fleur de Lys embroidered or blue again with Fleurs Embroidered. I have come grosgrain, and I can do some 'pinking' by making long button holes and then cutting them open to reveal perhaps some orange linen for the underpiece. In any case? It should be fun to play with.

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