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Friday, November 8, 2013

Small Rant on Nationality in the Renaissance!!!

Okay ladies and gents,

I have found and dusted off my soap box,  just because something was worn in the 16th Century? Does not make it "Elizabethan"!!

Heck? Not even "English" GASP!! I know what can I be thinking?

I have just sat through looking at some lovely gowns, only to have them ruined by the dim comment of "Elizabethan" whether a Portrait, or a modern created gown. that is Clearly not English!  France had a Renaissance as well! So did Poland, and well many other places, just as I giggle when I see someone call a Loose Gown a 'Spanish Ropa'  when Ropa means gown.  

When is a 'Chemise' not a Chemise?

When it is German it is a Hemd

When it is English it is a Shift

When it is Spanish Camisa

When it is in the Italian City States, there are a lot from Camisa, to Camcia '


Well it was from the Spanish Verdugado, that then became Verdingal, Verdugal, and Fardingal,  Probably due to the literate coming up with their own versions of the terms they heard. no dictionary meant people did spell from ear.

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