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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

16th Century Hats and Costume College

You Know what? French Hoods have been about for a long time, I have been attempting the Hood thing, but have been failing as I did not know how to attach and how to place.  I go to an intensive convention created by and run by people just like us or at least me!  People who love costuming, or creating clothing from different periods of time and space.  We call this lovely place Costume College  every year we gather on the first weekend in August, in Southern California, to learn, teach, get inspired and party and have fun.

This year I was happy to get into 2 closed classes on Hats of the 16th Century,
"The Unshakable 16th Century Hat" and "French Hood".  This year I also made a pact that I would finish every class project and increase my hat collection of course, I truly believe that if you don't do the knowledge by putting it into practice you will then move it into wisdom.  

The Bongrace Workshop ~ Hand sewing! I have issues and I wish I had brought more of my 'helpers' like the locking scissors that will hold a needle going through 2 layer buckram.   I am going to try this with plastic canvas which will be easier to get the wire on at least for me!

The French Hood Workshop~ I think it should have been 4 hours, mostly because the first part is hand sewing and I am horrid at it, and since I had done a lot of hand sewing Saturday for the Bongrace Workshop.  As soon as I got home it was back to work and then setting up for my youngest Son's back to school and birthday ( he is 15 now!! Yikes)

                               Here I am with my BFF, in our Gala Garb at Costume College!

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