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Thursday, August 22, 2013

12th Night Thoughts

As the season changes and it finally gets cooler here in Northern California, my thoughts run to 12th Night.  For those who are not part of the SCA, this is a Coronation to strut and shout.  Since we are in doors, it means we can wear the more costly fabrics, you satins and velvets of silk and wool.  With all of the Vigil Ceremonies going it is nice to look good so this is 1 set of Garb, during the day on Saturday I will typially wear a set and then at night a different set of clothing.  Sunday is optional since most people are just leaving.
 This is a huge thing, I plan at least 2 weeks prior to have everything done and ironed and put into packing.  

 This year we have a Rowenta Professional Steamer, so I can make sure all of our garb is wrinkle free. So for my Garb, Let me break it down:

Friday Evening Garb- Purple/Silver/Gold Venetian, I don't know if I will get the standing ruff done but if not that is okay I have girdle and fan and hat to complete.

Saturday Day  Garb- Elizabethan Fitted Gown- Black Damask in Fleur de Lys gown and Lilac Damask Kirtle.  Ruffs and French Hood to complete the whole look.

Saturday Evening Garb- Blue/Gold French Round Gown, with escoffion and Italian hat. Ruffs to complete the ensemble.

Sunday Morning Garb- Loose gown with coif.

However my things are mostly done, I have been working on them for the past months.

Friday Night Garb- Florentine 1545, Eleanor of Toledo, a Lady of taste and fashion!

Design on this Gown:


Linen for the body of Camisa         Stash
Lace for insertion                             Stash
1/2 Pearls                                          Purchase

Linen                                                   Stash
Trim in White                                   Stash

Polished Cotton                                Stash   
Couched Silver rope                        Stash

Saturday Day Garb-  Venetian in Aubergine, Gold and Silver with Murrey Sleeves.


Saturday Night Garb-

I have been working on several outfits for the Hubs so he can look spiffy as well, but I have one that I hope is over the top!


Husband's Garb

He has nothing, because he keeps losing weight (Creep, I know right?)

In Progress

Grey Velvet with embroidery

Black Linen with Green Jacquard
Black Velvet with welts with silver couched.

More Design and Study Needed for these.
Blue Linen with embroidery and pink'd sleeves
Grey Wool with Black Velvet Gards, welts and Laid on Lace.


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